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    Square-shaped vs 6, 7, 8 - edge-shaped

    Well there are various triangular shaped strings out there as well (T1 Firewire, Mayami Big Spin....etc) so I would say they are the most extreme
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    Tier One Sports

    in my two 2019 Gpro's its great, in my 2021 version (which, for whatever reason, feels heavier/stiffer) it was not comfortable.
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    Tier One Sports

    I had it strung at 51lbs in my Gpro
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    Tier One Sports

    TS is significantly stiffer/firmer. I hit with it in my Gpro last week and noticed this immediately.
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    String keeps slipping into the gap of gripper wheel and getting pinched frayed

    I have been using my X-2 for over 3 years now, and originally this happened to me a few times, but since then I've had no issues. When I wrap the string around the gripper and insert it in to the slot, I push the string towards the back of the gripper, not all the way back but probably 3/4 or...
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    Lynx Tour 18g in the US?

    Any idea when Head plans to offer Lynx Tour 18g in the US? I have asked on other threads, but know one seems to know, unless it is already available here and I wasn't aware.
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Anyone have any idea when LT 18g will be available in the US? Why is it taking so long?
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    Looking for Tier One Firewire characteristics, but less errati

    I have since now completely moved over to BW permanently and actually bought a reel. I would only play it in full bed to get the full bite and spin potential out of it. It's very comfortable so I see no need to hybrid but I guess you could try with GW and see how it goes. It doesn't have best...
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    Your favorite polys in 18x20 rackets

    Black Widow 18g Tier one Firewire Boost 18g
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    PLAYTEST - HEAD Lynx Spin ²

    Head Lynx Spin2 Review Tension(s) used for playtest: 51 lbs Regular string set up & tension: Dunlop Black Widow 18g @ 51lbs Racquet used for test: G360+ Gravity Pro Power/Control: Although the setup felt a little tight in the GP it actually had above average pocketing which provided plenty...
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    String Tension on the HEAD Gravity Pro

    51 Lbs for me
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Where are you able to get LT 1.20? I've been waiting on that forever but haven't seen it available to purchase yet. I do use a GP
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    Head Gravity Pro club!

    I've tried all 3 colors at 17g in my GP's. It's not a bad string, but as I've mentioned in other threads it always just feels a little thick and dense to me. I know some people have commented that they like that, but in the end I prefer something that has a bit more pocketing, especially in this...