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    Andrey Rublev: A Force of Nature. .. Racquet and Specs

    It was Alexander Bublik in the ATP Tennis "Scariest Shot in Tennis Video". :)
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    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Thanks guys, I sure will! And thank you so much for the info. I knew I could count on you guys here on tt. :)
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    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Oh wow, thanks @Lavs! Sounds awesome. They do play very nicely. I bought them from two different sellers as regular Youtek Extreme Pros. Played them for a while, suspected the lower RA, and since I want to change to TK82S pallets I thought I might as well just check the code. Can't believe the...
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    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Hi guys! So I've got three Head TGK 219.15 To be honest I thought they were just regular Head Youtek Extreme Pros, but when I checked the code here I saw, that they are registered as having softer lay up. If anyone has any additional info on these frames I would be very grateful. :) Maybe...
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    Slowest racquet head speed (since 1985)

    I was just wondering. Who had the slowest average racquet head speed in "recent" times? Top 100 minimum. I'm by no means an expert on pre 90s tennis, but I coundn't think of anyone with a slower racquet head speed than the great Mecir. Take it...
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    Will Julien Benneteau win a single title before retirement?

    No, he won't win. But he should have at least taken a 250 or two. Good all-round game.
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    Davydenko on the AeroPro Drive bandwagon

    Davy actually played with the Pure Drive for a short while around 2002.
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    How's Fed going with the new Racquet?

    On his day, Hewitt is still a really good player. World class (to me goat-level) lob, excellent returns, excellent passing shots, excellent consistency from the baseline, excellent volleyer, excellent shot selection, excellent mental attitude, good serve for his height, good fitness level for...
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    All PRO players racquet SPECS

    Haha, sorry! Actually I'm not as angry as I sound. It came out wrong. I agree. Posters should post source. I'm just REALLY tired. Apologies.
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    All PRO players racquet SPECS

    Ok, since the thred is ****ed up now - and you are right - I will reply. The Muster specs are not from one specific source. Different old threads here on tt and from an old i.Prestige paint job that was sold on string forum.
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    All PRO players racquet SPECS

    Thomas Muster Head Pro Tour 630 Head size: 95 sq. inches Weight: 372 g (unstrung) Balance: 32.8 cm (unstrung) String pattern: 18 x 20 Stiffness: 68 (custom) Grip size: 6 (with a build up at the buttcap) Strings: Isospeed Professional Tension: 40 kg (around)
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    You decide to turn pro tomorrow...

    For technical coaching: Peter Lundgren. Would want to work on the backhand primarily. For tactical coaching: Brad Gilbert. Would want to work on transitioning from baseline to net.
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    RAFA by rafael nadal

    Off topic. The statue designer fcuked up big time when he put PWS on Rafa' racquet, hehe. :)