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    The "31 May" line in the sand...

    Keeping the date. Each section and state/district is different and will make their own decisions.
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    Active is finally trying to create a build in TennisLink to return fees to credit cards or store as credit to future seasons. Target date: June 1
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    How Will the Cancellation of Nationals Affect League Participation?

    To answer the question, no. True, participation will be down this year but that's due to the coronavirus, and with no vaccine in sight, will likely be the number 1 cause for numbers being down in 2021.
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    Updated statement from USTA National

    People need to start making peace with 2020 being the year without national progression in recreational league tennis! Grab the pitch forks, take to the streets! Riot......
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    Will USTA refund league fees?

    Refunds are a local matter. Will Active (TennisLink) give back the portion they pinch from each registration, almost certainly not.
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    Tri Level Nationals at Indian Wells

    All those poor fools who spent their time sandbagging to miss out. So sad. Are airlines being forgiving?
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    2019 USTA Nationals Review for Men's 40s 4.5+

    High end players (pros and pro hopefuls) will always be prioritized over rec players. The 6 indoor courts might as well be IMG Academy. Accommodating a league player, regardless on how much he or she has spent getting to Orlando or on the league program, will never take priority. I'd venture...
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    When do you expect USTA ratings to come out?

    Always coincides with the last "Adult" national - 11/10 this year.
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    What is the order of USTA tiebreakers for two or three teams tied in local leagues?

    Check local league rules. Local leagues get to decide their own order.
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    Match rating with self rated?

    No dynamic for you when playing a self-rate.
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    Interesting happenings with NorCal 40+ 4.5+ Nationals representative

    Is it certain there were officials at the match? Nationals and some sections are moving away from having roving officials and instead having a lone referee. One would think if there were roving officials, then there should be an unbiased account of events at the match.
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    Week 2 of USTA League Nationals is four days away

    I've never heard anyone refer to Mid.west as Middle West. Do you use it because of the stupid sensor that will not allow the correct nomenclature?
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    They changed the rule on 18yr olds playing?

    It's a legal matter rather than an integrity issue. Players may still play 40 & Over at any time during the year they turn 40; same with 55 & 65.
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    Toxic co-captain, what to do?

    If an organ in your body gets diagnosed with cancer, are you going to try to carry on with the cancer?