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    Yonex RD-7 SP

    I googled and found this. Oh by the way, RD-7 has one of the best paint jobs I think. What does SP mean on Yonex rackets? Yes, you are right. SP is a region code provided by Yonex for distribution in South East Asia Region (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc). Yonex Racket distribution were...
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    Do tighter stringing patterns really generate less spin?

    It occurred to me that you are relatively a flat hitter, so your locked stringbed is not as badly misaligned, and that's why you questioned in your earlier post how locked stringbed is not more consistent than unlocked stringbed that offers more snapback. Maybe am I right?
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    Do tighter stringing patterns really generate less spin?

    I am a little confused by your saying "locked." The strings get scattered at each impact during the rally. And after the rally the strings are randomly bowed.
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    Do tighter stringing patterns really generate less spin?

    I am talking about the strings that don't snap back and needs constant adjusting like syn guts, multifilament, kevlar, natural guts.
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    Do tighter stringing patterns really generate less spin?

    My thought is, snap back doesn't per se create spin but contribute to spin indirectly by allowing consistent stringbed. Consistent stringbed allows better control, which allows more confidence and faster swing, which then allows increase in spin. I feel that dense pattern has more spin...
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    Good videos

    Yeah that was fun to watch. Am curious because I'm not very familiar with American system; would you rate them as 5.0?
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    Mecir Mythology

    He used wooden racquet for his whole career. Anyone thinks he handicapped himself? I can't come up with anything "fish" that has to do with anticipation on tennis court.
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    Do Nadal and Djokovic hate tennis?

    Even an elementary school child won't make a childish comment like this.
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    never miss, build speed gradually

    Thanks for sharing the video. The car driving analogy is good one.
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    Clash 100, feels thin and tinny compared to DR98?

    Confusing. Opinions on the same model of racquet can be this different.
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    Expectations for "spin"?

    Maybe he/she hits spinny ball anyway with any racquet? I feel I get more spin with denser string bed. My theory is, it is because there are more strings per surface to grab the ball.
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    Novak's victories hurt a lot, didn't they?

    If you like someone, go ahead and say good things about him/her. I'd like reading it. But what does liking someone have to do with hating another? In the Djokovic's making documentary thread, someone posted his parents, wife and child's pictures to ridicule him. That kind of post makes this...
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    Djokovic wary of Karatsev

    Great run for Aslan, winning eight matches in a row to reach the semi-final. It's not that bad his run got ended by number one, and perhaps the eventual winner.
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    What is your favorite (current) oversize frame ?

    Maybe 120 and beyond should have its own category, like super-oversized? The difference between 137 and 110 feels greater than difference between 110 and 98.