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    If you thought federer was dominant

    On a side note, have you seen pictures of this girl? Definitely a looker.
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    Still not clear about Dunlop Aerogel 100

    Actually, looks like December: But it is still not clear if the racquet is "discontinued", only that it is in short supply.
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    puma winner or super

    Still interested? I have a Puma Boris Becker Winner for sale. Let me know.
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    FS: Puma Boris Becker Winner, 4 1/2 (L4)

    A small update. I changed the TW leather grip for a Babolat Leather grip on the racquet. Also, I willing to sell the racquet for $40 shipped OBO. Thanks.
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    Most demanding stick you've ever used?

    Only demoed it, but the K90 was super hard for me to use. I have hit with many mids, and one a mid, but I was way over my head on this one.
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    aerogel 100 question

    I hit both a 2HBH and 1HBH (Switching to a one hander to increase my S&V mobility). The AG100 works fine for both, honestly. The handle is long enough (for me) to get both hands around it, and it has plenty of juice off a 2HBH.
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    FS: Puma Boris Becker Winner, 4 1/2 (L4)

    Here are the pictures of the racquet: Also, I am negotiable on the price of the racquet. Thanks.
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    Are midsize rackets extinct (except for on this board)?

    Not to take away from your point (I love mids), word on the street is that Murray uses a PJ's MG Prestige Pro which is a midplus (98 sq in head size)
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    FS: Puma Boris Becker Winner, 4 1/2 (L4)

    I have a Puma Boris Becker Winner racquet for sale. The racquet itself is in great shape, but since the racquet is a bumperless design, it is worn at the top of the hoop. I would rate the worn top about a 6/10, but the rest a 8/10. The grip used to be a 4 3/4 (L6) size, but it is sanded down...
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    Racquet Advise - looking for a mid+

    You have as similar game to my own. In demoing, I liked the following racquets: -MG Prestige Pro -Volkl C10 Pro -Wilson k6.1 95 16x18 For me personally, I ended up going with a AG100. It's a 90 head size, but feels much bigger. Very nice for S&V. The MG Prestige Mid was also very...
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    Please help - Wilson 6.1 95

    I think you are the first person to ever describe the PSC 6.1 as "light".
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    ***Dunlop Aerogel 1hundred (AG100) club***

    Yeah, check my sig....been hitting the AG100 for a while now.
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    suggestions for possible replacement of 6.1 Classic?

    I recently switched from the PSC 6.1 to a AG100. The feel is a lot different (less powerful, lighter, smaller head, flexier), but the control is still great. It doesn't tire me out at all around the court. It's great for my type of game (S&V and a little all-court), but doesn't have quite the...
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    Dunlop Aerogel 100

    I used a Wilson PSC 6.1 before my AG100. It is a big difference, but I adapted pretty well. The new racquet is smaller, lighter, flexier, and less powerful. The control is great, not better or worse, just different. I like it alot. So easy to use. I don't notice the 90 head at all. Coming...
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    tw leather grips

    Oops...too late I guess. Did some searching, and it looked like the Gamma was pretty thin (from what people posted), even thinner than the 1.3 mm thickness TW grip. The Babolat is 1.7 but can be stretched apparently. Oh well, I guess I'll see.