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    Better for tennis if Chung beats Federer

    What's the point of looking at that match like it was some kind of a positive litmus for Chung's game? Djokovic's elbow kept him from keeping his balls in the court and using his serve effectively. You want a perfect example of Chung's game, look to the Zverev match where he broke Sascha's will...
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    Better for tennis if Chung beats Federer

    Those are my *least* favorite aspects of Nadal and Djokovic's games.
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    Where did it all go wrong?

    Well, Fed was considered a talented underachiever until, coincidentally, 2003 when he won Wimbledon at the relatively late age (for an all-time great) of nearly 22...
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    This is berdych last chance at a slam.

    That's like a teenage girl suggesting that Justin Bieber will read her tumblr and immediately go out on a date with her.
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    Nishikori lost a challenger match

    He needed to change his service motion. Too much wrist snap forward and no pronation put a ton of stress on his wrist.
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    Better for tennis if Chung beats Federer

    Sure, when Chung earns it. I'd rather not see wall-ball tennis winning Slams again like the Hewitt era. Even Nadal at his most defensive would turn on a dime to offense when the opportunity came because he had weapons. Chung just has unflagging retrieval skills.
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    Did Nads retire on purpose?

    He actually said this himself in his presser. Absolutely knackered after 4 hours against Schwartzman.
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    ESPN getting greedy

    ESPN3 has been using the Australian broadcasts with Aussie network announcers.
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    Is the ATP Tour schedule really to blame for injuries?

    Not to rain on your parade, but Federer weighs just as much as Nadal at nearly 190 lbs. He's got massive legs and trunk even if his skinny arms make him look slimmer than he actually is. And I know players fib on their bios but Federer himself has said this himself in an interview.
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    Is the ATP Tour schedule really to blame for injuries?

    I mean, she's the owner and can make whatever rules she wants within health and labor laws. She technically *doesn't* need to take responsibility for herself.
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    Will RG 2018 end the run of laclustre slams?

    Murray isn't planning on returning to the tour before Queen's Club.
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    My gosh..Sharapova is screaming louder than ever!

    Are you stupid? I'm not saying anything of the sort. I'm not trying to stop anyone from doing anything but I will call someone out for being racist or sexist as I see fit. When I feel like this board has moved beyond my patience and ability to enjoy tennis discussion by the pollution from...
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    If you're going to call a foot fault...

    At one point, you said the start is when the server makes contact with the ball. That's the end of the service motion. Anyways, it's all good. Thanks for making it right. You're right, I'm just used to so many a-hole posters on this board and can get my back up quicker than I should.
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    Does one inch of height make ALL the difference in terms of power?

    It's not a matter of power, it's leverage. Power is generated by shoulder flexibility, technique and ability to accelerate the racket. The leverage that height gives you allows you to have more angles in which to hit your serve.
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    If you're going to call a foot fault...

    From this thread: