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    McEnroe vs Sampras

    No one is perfect or will be on their game every match, but when I think of Sampras 93' and later, he almost embodied the perfect tennis/athletic specimen of what a perfect tennis player would look like. And I still think he is top 2-3 in that category even with the best playing currently.
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    Eff-You Money

    You can study the federal budget and get lost and drown in "information" that is like the fine print. It's not going to really tell you that much. What does it matter that Amazon has debt?? Most companies do. So you're saying companies that have high debt should be exempt from paying taxes? Or...
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    Eff-You Money

    If you want to let go of what is yours and be "Uncle Sam's little *****".....that is your problem.
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    Eff-You Money

    You live in Mexico? Anyway, as far as I'm concerned the federal government can go extinct along with all their "dependants"
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    Eff-You Money

    Also, I'd like to say in response to my post, I have no problem with State tax. I make about $30,000ish a year. Why the Federal government is so worried about $2,000 of MY income compared with these rich fuxcs that make millions and billions, yet they don't pay jack in taxes with all the rigged...
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    Eff-You Money

    Actually individuals AREN'T required to pay taxes on income, only corporations. Read the law and watch plenty of documentaries on YouTube. Taxes were invoked on people in 1913 as part of the Wilson administration to fund the war. They were supposed to be stopped as soon as wartime ended. Sort...
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    Players that improve as adults

    Depends when they pick up the game. I picked it up at 21 and a year later self rated as a 3.5. I lost nearly every match. The only thing I practiced was on the wall and serves. My fitness, then and now kept me in points, games, sets, matches, longer than I should have. And I was no pusher. Just...
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    Does the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph (Black) come with silicone in the handle instead of foam?

    No. Just has more lead on the pallet and a foamed wrapped handle. Nothing special @ $249. Federer doesn't even use it. Just the racquet mold. How do you feel now? ;)
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    RF97A poly question

    +1 for 4G. Also a cheaper alternative is Polyfibre Poly High - Tec.
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    FS: Yonex VCore Si 100 Lite (0) grip

    Sold! Thanks TW!
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    FS: Yonex VCore Si 100 Lite (0) grip

    $35 Shipped. Final markdown.
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    Who is head heavy for ?

    Most pros have loadssss of lead under the bumpergaurd. And I don't mean the thin lead strips, I'm talking the thick heavy lead application s like golfers use on their clubs. Their sticks would be closer to even balance after all said and done. I'll almost bet anything Nadal uses something more...
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    Head Graphene 360 Extremes

    The Pro or MP?
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    Kyrgios Brings Grand Total of TWO Racquets to Match at Madrid

    2-3 is really all you need anyway. Nobody is going thru 8 racquets a match. And probably most of the top 20 have their racquets restrung even if they didn't use them. So So wasteful. Yes, if I had that luxury I might do that as well, but not 8. And no way I even take more than 3. It's a waste...
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    Head Graphene 360 Extremes

    How does it feel compared to previous Pros, if you have bit with any? Is string spacing still crazy open?