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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20

    I still have 1 k95 and from the strings used such as full bed poly and syn gut as well as hybrid. I found that nrg2 1.32mm and alu power crosses was sweet
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    How long new can of tennis balls can last?

    It depends on brand but generally if stored in a cool place a year, year and half. Penn championship extra duty lasted me a year and still was the same as the first can I opened bounce and everything.
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    Grip size can't be true!!

    When it comes to handle size which to choose from it all is down to personal preference. Just thinking about it the bigger the grip size the more firmer your grip will be, not loose or whatever. Good really for Eastern grip I would think anyway.. The smaller the grip size (and I mean bit lower...
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    Penn Championship Tennis Balls Regular Duty

    Here in the uk we are limited to the Penn balls, and to be honest tennis balls are expensive here. Penn Championship have 2 versions, The Regular duty which has red lettering on the balls and red cap on the cans Extra Duty which has a black cap and has black writing on the balls. I got the...
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    Babolat Pure Aero Green and Black?

    I have done some research so it seems as though this one I have bought thinking its a new pure drive aero 2019 version is actually the 2016 version lime green one.. It's not a fake it's from a genuine tennis website and was a bargain price for a new racket paid for 2 for £140 new.. What I need...
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    Babolat Pure Aero Green and Black?

    Thanks for the reply The one I have seems to be a green/lime colour there is no yellow on it so I am confused as your images they look yellowish to me.
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    Babolat Pure Aero Green and Black?

    Hi guys Now I hope you guys don't slate me because to be honest the rackets babolat have been bringing out I lost track and only recall the aeropro drive gt 2010 is the last of them I bought, as I still use the first generation ones.. So I bought 2 Pure Aero tennis rackets and it was a good...
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    Penn Championship Tennis Balls Regular Duty

    They are not used in tournaments it;sThey would only be used at club level, I am just concerned that these balls are too light, can anyone tell me what they compare to in terms of heaviness/thickness..
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    Dunlop AO Balls?

    I have used these balls and I think they are quite decent, not the best out there but if you can get a good deal on them then go for it. They are not as heavy as the Wilson us open or Penn championship extra duty balls, the bounce is higher than Wilson us open about the same as the Penn extra...
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    Penn Championship Tennis Balls Regular Duty

    Hi everyone I hope you can help before I open a can of these balls. Long story short I bought these 20 cans.. thinking it was the extra duty ones and realised after they are regular duty. I really like the extra duty version of this ball as they do last but from what I so far is they are not...
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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    I agree and it was just a lack of concentration and assumed it was just like my own aeropro drives, which reminds me of the under siege 2 film, assumption is the mother of all f*** ups. 1. My original post was worded wrong, what I mean was I got the starting knot wrong etc, not that I am a...
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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    So I have strung a Babolat Roland Garros GT racket, and like a muppet I done it as 2 piece and then realised half way down that I have strung it slightly wrong. I will upload a picture if required so the grommets on this racket is not the other babolat aeropro drives that I have this will want...
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    Poly Tour Pro Vs Hyper G

    I thought I would do a review comparing both of these strings which may be helpful for others who are looking to try out these strings. Strings are both 1.30mm/17g Firstly I string both strings on the same day at 25k/55lbs on the first generation Babolat Aeropro Drive, which I have added 6g...
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    Think about your balls when testing strings

    I also agree, Penn Championship balls I bought are probably the best ones for Durability and bounce I have used, apart from another user here a friend of mine I play with he had some of the Marathon balls you have in the US those were the best then second comes the one I had.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I have used quite a few of the Pro Pro Strings, they are a lot cheaper than the branded strings and in my honest opinion you get what you pay for. They are decent but they are better ones out there, I currently have and used Pros Pro Intense Heat, Nano Vendetta, Red Devil, Blackout, and...