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    Recommend me a new bag

    The Tennis Warehouse 6 pack is nice, and you can't beat the price.
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    Which Racquets Should I Demo?

    Babolat Pure Strike, Wilson Blade, Head Speed and Yonex Tour F 97
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    Good light racquet for OHB?

    I play with a 2hbh, but hit tons of 1hbh off my ball machine. My Yonex Vcore XI 100 hits 1hbh great. So the SI 100 probably would too. It won't crush the ball like the Tour G 330 did when I demoed it, but you can hit nice deep topspin rally balls no problem. All the Vcore racquets are very...
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    Transition from spin to control stick

    The standard 98 Pure Controls are much lighter than the 95. Increase spin by swinging faster. The Pure Strike racquets are great and might be what you are needing.
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    I work 3rd shift and am very tired. Brain farts happen.
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    Roddick must have been getting in his head. Looks like he is using overgrips now too instead of going with the naked leather.
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    Leather grip for sharp feel on bevels?

    Babolat, Tecnifibre and Head have all worked well for me. I think the Tecnifibre is my favorite, but the differences are minimal.
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    I was watching Powershares from Minneapolis this morning on Tennis Channel. MacEnroe had a new paint job on his Dunlops. Kind of a Beige and Red combo. New Max 200g line incoming?
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    Racquet weight, physically strong intermediates

    Light racquets with forgiving head sizes and string patterns let you get away with bad technique. You might get better results in the short term, but tear your body up in the long run. If you have advanced technique you can use anything. I have an issue on serve, where if the racquet...
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    Help - expert advice required

    My coach is 98. He uses a Wilson Hammer of some sort. Pretty sure it is nearly 20 years old. He has no court coverage, but if you hit the ball to him he will tear you apart. If you want to stay with Wilson while trying something newer and different than another Hammer you are probably...
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    Trying to leave the Pure Drive

    Try the Prince Warrior 100, Babolat Pure Strike, Wilson Pro Staff 97 and the Head Extreme.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Just as general feedback, I'd be interested in a Play version of the Pure Strike.
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    Need help with getting a new racquet!?

    You could try the Yonex Vcore XI 98 or any of the three Tour 97 310 models. You won't need a dampener because the frames are dampened themselves. Stay clear of the newer SI 98 though, it is pretty harsh. I haven't tried any of the Ezone models, but they are flexier than the Vcores. The...
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    What racquet would you use if you were a professional?

    Wimbledon paint job.
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    What racquet would you use if you were a professional?

    I would use a Pure Strike or a Vcore Tour F 97.