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    Looking for a non-velcro hat for larger head

    Just checked, the hat almost touches the ears, but not quite.
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    Looking for a non-velcro hat for larger head

    The rafa hats fit similarly to the featherlights. Strap is long enough and crown is deep enough to touch the ears. I have about 1.5 inches of extra strap in the back. For reference, I wear 7 1/2 for fitted baseball hats.
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    Who is your fave TT POSTER?

    TTPS was my favourite
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    Looking for a non-velcro hat for larger head

    I'm looking for the same thing. Currently using the rafa hats. Dri-fit material (it's a thicker twill, not the same as the featherlights), with a strap closure in the back. Another option may be the Under Armour baseline hat. Haven't tried it, but it's a quick drying polyester material and...
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    Awww man . Lost my rackets

    you sharpied over the 'jr' haha
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    Shoes problems from sliding on hard court

    I burn through the laces as well so I buy extras and replace as needed. Only happens to the left shoe. Mine last closer to a month though.
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    Best hat?

    What hats do you guys like to wear? I like the nike featherlights, but the velcro wears out pretty fast. Are there any dri-fit hats with an adjustable strap like the H86? The thing I don't like about the H86 hats is that the underbrim isn't always dark, so I can only buy in black or navy...
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    What's your favorite leather grip?

    Are Fairways and Oehms consistently heavier than the other brands? I'm looking for something heavy to make the racquet more HL
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    Looking for a racket that has:

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    Nike 2021 general thread

    I wish the aw84 hats had the dark underbrim/bill. Could only get the black.
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    Nike Tennis Hats

    The velcro on my featherlight hats always seem to die out within a year. Any way to prolong velcro life or do I need to buy more hats?
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    Paper cuts caused by overgrip?

    Post a pic, sounds weird af
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    How much does a 1ounce Head leather grip, Yonex Super Grap, and Yonex vibration dampener, add in terms of weight and head light points

    Leather grip ~10g Overgrip ~5g Yonex Dampener ~4g If I had to guess, +2pts HL
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    New Solinco Racquets

    It's confidential