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    Serving My Shoulder Off

    Yeah I like watching your serve, it's kinda hypnotic, but if you're getting shoulder pain that's no good. I think you are just too far away to tinker this into a comfortable motion, you really need to see a coach if you're serious about changing.
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    Road from 3.5 serve to 6.0 serve [progression videos]

    @J011yroger With that pause in trophy do you find your timing off or hard to get right sometimes? Or are you well past those kind of issues?
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    Road from 3.5 serve to 6.0 serve [progression videos]

    @BetaServe Some guys at AO did the serve speed measure test and weren't tennis players so just pancaked it and served at 140kmh from memory. Jim Courier did one and got 135kmh. You can serve quick enough that way if you keep ball toss low and also you'll have pretty good directional control...
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    Uh ... about that "can't hit FH with right foot forward"

    She walks through the shot. Curious plants and stays still
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    Road from 3.5 serve to 6.0 serve [progression videos]

    So you have a ranking then? Or talking out your arse?
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    Goodbye guys

    Best wishes @FiReFTW
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    Found the secret to improving at tennis as a rec player

    No problems, this is my doubles partner Roger:
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    Can you beat this girl?

    Well @rogerroger917 doesn't even play tennis, he just assumes he would be good if he tried because he knows everything about it
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    Match video from the weekend

    One word: SABR
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    Match video from the weekend

    I know I know I'm a signed up member! But in reality that's a really difficult shot, the ball has no pace so you have to create it and you are so far in the court that the far baseline is closer so it's very likely to go long. When I play better I don't think things like "crush it", I focus on...
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    Match video from the weekend

    Have you joined TTPS' club? I agree but you don't need to hit forehand winners off his serve, if you get the return of serve in and follow it in for a volley.
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    Pat the Dog, or not....

    Do you know Tom Chael?
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    Ball striking and body rotation

    This guy is an idiot and can't even put his voice to the video let alone appear in it, sounds like a TTW poster. What's the point of this video, 5.0's aren't as good as pro's?
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    Topspin Shot vs Ballbag - Extra Fast Four

    Or "ball slapping" maybe?? :whistle:
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    ATP live