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    For those serve technique purists out there....

    Just that her serve is weird but effective. Not just the early take back but everything that happens after then looks horrible but it's effective. This video probaly shows it better than the slow mo
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    For those serve technique purists out there....

    This girl just knock Osaka out of the french:
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    Tennis ball machine value

    Do you guys think there is value in holding on to a ball machine longer than a year? I feel I've done most exercises that can improve my game from it and it can be a bit dry doing repetition. Need more improvement now in game strategy and playing under pressure I think now. As an aside I don...
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    Got bagelled

    If people are just a level up from you not much you can do. Maybe just try for 3 games next time?
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    Korean Rec Singles Tournament: ATP style serve/FH/1HBH (Red hat) vs Pancake serve/WTA FH/no BH (White hat)

    Welcome back! @Curious needs you, without your constant barbs he has lost all meaning in tennis life
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    Hitting up on the serve

    I thought your serve was great! Get a lesson from @S&V-not_dead_yet and get those volleys going. While you're at it see @TimeToPlaySets to learn how to enjoy losing by hitting big, or as I call it "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"
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    Considering used lobster 401

    Haha it's like you know me.... I got one as I am free at odd times compared to other people. It helped get the reps up and find a groove for sure, but now I'm not using that much. It is quite a dry/boring type of practice and hitting with people is a lot more fun. That said if you do use it...
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    Tips for my serve?

    Can you do me a favour and record at a lower frame rate, your videos are terrible to view
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    Players to emulate

    I like Stan Wawrinka for backhand and serve
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    Match video from the weekend

    I agree, I'll be happy to look after it for you and have a ready supply of Vcore's you can smash away!
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    Match video from the weekend

    @Curious has that many TTW 2¢ he's a virtual millionaire now!
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    Match video from the weekend

    That's like a whole TTW thread in your head in 2 seconds flat. I'm impressed 8-B Have you ever just gone out there for the fun of it, just to enjoy it? Sounds like you're trying too hard to perfect it. Your sparring partner doesn't care about his ball toss or such things, he just hits it.
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    Match video from the weekend

    @Curious where's our weekly match video?
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    Need help reaching the highest level possible in tennis

    It's not the level you play at it's about enjoying playing. Obsessions are not fun...