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    2016 Olympic Tennis Tournament. General Discussion Thread #RIO2016

    Kinda weird watching when the ball boys aren't kids lol they seem kinda slow running around the court
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    Wimbledon 2016 2R: Roger Federer [3] v. Marcus Willis [GBP]

    Roger is gonna break the guy in half :(
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    What strings have you used in your Speed Pro?

    Gut poly hybrid mate, that's the way to go, had mine strung with VS gut mains and 4g cross played like a dream for a month. It gave me extra power with comfort
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    Best table tennis player on the ATP tour??

    Can't see anyone beating him :cool:
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    Best table tennis player on the ATP tour??

    Guys be real here, obviously it's Ze Zhang or Di Wu easy XD
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    Best table tennis player on the ATP tour??

    Title says it all :) who do you think would be the best table tennis player on the pro tour :D
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    US OPEN apparels?

    Just wondering if the tennis only website will be stocking the new nike's apparels and shoes for Fed and Dimitrov thankyou
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    Pure Aero release

    Looks like racquets are getting more expensive everytime something new comes out
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    Best Grand Slam Tennis Crowd

    Best venue? Yeah no...
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    Which is the best Grand Slam?

    To be honest the general public don't give a **** about the so call prestige of a grand slam... The atmosphere, good scheduling, facilities and the level of play is what matters. This is where the AO exceeds at, like who wouldn't want to go watch the tennis in the Australian summer in the middle...
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    What the **** is up with Murray?

    Looks like he is holding in gas or wanting to go to thr toilet? :')
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    What is the best and worst Grand Slam in your view and Why?

    The entertainment just doesn't stop ;)