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    Which service motion is better Sampras or Krajicek?

    You mean Krajicek's 6-4 head to head against Sampras?
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    What is Osaka playing with at the US Open?

    Agreed. Beam is thin and constant, and the head size looks smaller than a 98. I'm wondering if it's another vcore 95D...
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    Racket or Racquet?

    From Fowler's Modern English Usage, 2nd Edition: 'Racket. The implement for striking a ball and the game of rackets are properly so spelt, not racquet(s). The word meaning disturbance, uproar, etc., is of different origin. Its use in the sense of a lucrative enterprise of questionable honesty...
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    Which Classical Italian Tennis Brands Are Still Italian?

    Pizza is now made in America, although Italians may not recognize it as such.
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    Slowest Players on Tour?

    Raonic is the fastest among the top players getting to the ball. Getting out of the hole is another issue.
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    In between Wilson RF 97 and Yonex Vcore 95D?

    VCore Tour G 330 (The orange one) Weight comes in somewhere between the two. Plays very much like the Pro Staff, only a little lighter and easier to swing, and it won't ruin your joints. Softer than the other G's and 16x20 like the 95D
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    McEnroe and Navratilova's protest of "Margaret Court" stadium

    The difference is that tennis umpires aren't a protected class.
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    Who Will Make The Last 12+oz. Racket?

    This year, next year, year after that... You get my point. He's at the end of his career, and RBA is not going to carry the flame. If you were married to Mirka, wouldn't you want to retire and spend all your time with her? She seems like a lovely woman.
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    How is Prince quality control these days?

    I bought two Phantoms about two months apart and they're 2 grams different (which I don't notice when I'm playing) and the balance is the same. Very impressed with the Prince QC.
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    Who Will Make The Last 12+oz. Racket?

    Racket weights have been coming down for years now. Head, Dunlop, Tecnifibre, and Babolat all no longer make rackets over 12oz. When Federer retires next year, Wilson will soon thereafter stop making the RF Auto, and Yonex will phase out its RF Auto competitor, the VCore 97 330 line. Prince is...
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    What is Marat using here?

    This is just a ploy to get me to zoom in on his crotch.
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    Stich vs. Ivanisevic

    You don't find out how good a player is by looking at statistics. You cannot quantify a quality.
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    Stich vs. Ivanisevic

    Something else to consider would be H2H against Sampras. Stich 4 - 2 Sampras Ivanisevic 8 - 11 Sampras
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    Kasatkina's racquet

    Came here for Kasatkina pics. Was disappointed.