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    I Got Ernest Gulbis' Racket!!!

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    I Got Ernest Gulbis' Racket!!!

    Comedy is all about
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    What if Nadal tried to use a flexy players racquet with a bed of full gut?

    Agassi and Sampras swapped rackets at an exhibition once, I forget which when where, and they both said "how can you hit with that?"
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    Wanted: Völkl Super G 10 Mid 330 L5

    Looking for the heavier neon yellow 96 square inch in a 4 5/8 grip.
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    Best playing Babolat of all time / but it’s not a Babolat.

    I heard that Wilson made this for Tsonga because he had tried and loved that yellow Babolat while still under contract with Wilson, making it a Babolat knock-off.
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    Wanted to share funny racquet comment

    Can't find too many new rackets that aren't $250, so he's not wrong...
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    Can anyone list Henri Leconte's racquet history?

    Thx vsbabolat. You're one of the reasons I come here.
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    Can anyone list Henri Leconte's racquet history?

    Just watching a video on the 1996 French Open Leconte is playing with a red Fischer mono shaft I've never seen before. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Will you cop the re-released Wilson K Six One 95 (18x20)?

    Every Wilson is bespoke. No two are alike.
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    This final is shockingly bad to watch. Tennis will die when Federer retires. Everyone will just watch his highlights on YouTube.

    Match turned into a thriller, no doubt; but OP isn't wrong. If you're dismissing him as being butthurt, you're eating too much soy to get his point.
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Will Tecnifibre ever make anything but tweeners again? I kick myself for not having bought the TFight 335 16x20. With the successes of the RF97 Auto and the VCore Tour/Duel/Pro, it seems like there's still a market for serious rackets.
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    ProKennex Type C Redondo - Just Sticky/Tacky, Is That Normal?

    I just scrubbed mine with hot soapy water. (Dish soap). It worked really well. Didn't damage the paint, and now it's nice and smooth.
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    Why not?!

    Beast of a racquet lol. Sure, if you're a twelve year old girl.
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    Stich or Rafter?

    Stich, obviously.
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    The Racquets of Daniil Medvedev

    Waiting to hear more about how these rackets play...