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    High altitude balls and string tension.

    Playing at 9000' I am living in Quito, Ecuador and playing at 9000' above sea level. It has taken me about a dozen hitting sessions to adjust to the thin air. The balls do fly long, and don't slow down, and my kick serve is kicking 6' high or more. I also get tired quickly if the rally is...
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    New camera, new serve video, critique!

    Serve It is a different kind of serve that I have rarely seen anyone else do, but comes from me playing basketball before taking up tennis. Being 6'4, the serve is the strongest part of my game in general so I have no desire to change it. If I am lazy about not jumping very high, I have been...
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    Rules question?

    So we should have played a let as the opponent did ask for a hindrance but since the ball was on our side I thought my partner had a right to stand anywhere on our side of the court. Luckily it was a friendly match!
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    Rules question?

    So what if the opponent had swung at the ball and hit my partner? Would that have been a hinder on my partner?
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    Rules question?

    So if the ball bounces back over and hits my partner before the opponent hits the ball or the ball hits the court, it would be the opponents point? I think I can agree with that. Or least that would definitely be a hinder.
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    Rules question?

    Ball bouncing back over A player is allowed to hit the ball on the opposing side if a ball bounces back over to it. An opponent can even technically run around the net to hit the ball but can not stand inside the lines on your side. My partner didn't try to distract him but I think was...
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    New camera, new serve video, critique!

    Thanks, I still have the same motion with leg raise, but have improved my kick serve as well as the slice that you noticed and sometimes use the standard grip instead of eastern forehand for my flat serve to add a little bit of spin. I find the kick serve has been very valuable against righty's...
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    Can anyone show me what a 'benchmark' 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 look like?

    I did live in Brisbane, Australia for 2.5 years but now living in Auckland, New Zealand. Australia is huge, the same size as continental US with only about 5 big cities which are each like 10 hours drive or more apart from each other so not so close. NZ has a better tennis ranking system...
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    Rules question?

    During a doubles match, I hit a dropshot, that with the wind, bounced back over to our side of the court. The opponent ran to it and reached over the net, but stopped his swing because he might have hit my partner who was very close to the ball. Does the opposing team have the right to call a...
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    my strokes (5.5) if interested

    I have seen Tony play and he is 5.5, damn fast, very steady, good defense, and can hit winners when he has time. I watched him play a guy who was serving around 120mph. He is a very hard working player. I have seen other 5.5 and 6.0 players at my university. I was rated 4.5 in US (now rated...
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    High School players and other outdoor players: How did you overcome the sun?

    I switch serves depending on the angle of the sun. I will hit slice if sun is overhead since the toss is more out in front. I will hit the kick serve is the sun is setting since then the toss is more directly over my head. I will back off on hitting so hard when conditions are difficult like...
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    Doomed to being just a 3.5 NTRP player?

    Oh, yeah, after I beat that 4.0 guy like 4 times in a row, he never wanted to play me again! He knew I had him figured out and would likely never lose to him again. But I owe him for teaching me those 4.0 tennis lessons.
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    Doomed to being just a 3.5 NTRP player?

    When I made the move from 3.5 to 4.0, I once lost 24 matches in a row against a steady 4.0 player. I never gave up but just kept playing him to figure out what it takes to beat a 4.0 player. He hit slow and steady topspin on both sides so I had to learn to be patient and wait for the short...
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    Murray Didn't Win Because... (complete the sentence)

    he forgot to serve and volley and be more aggressive in general.
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    Murray's strategy against Federer

    As someone else said, hit spinny, loopy, heavy topspin shots to the one hand backhand is the way to go. One hand backhands struggle against lots of topspin, and you can get a floater to come back so you move in and volley away to the open court. I wish Murray would have changed up the pace and...