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    Serve Interrupted by Doubles Opponents - Strange, Rules?

    Seen a lady in mixed who when she plays the net waves the racket above her head to try and dissuade opponent from lobbing. Legit or not?
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    And he's using the profits from the reports to pay for his team to go.
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    USTA Tennis Link Website

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    USTA Tennis Link Website

    I'm surpised Katrina Adams even knows there are adult leagues, let alone Tennislink.
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    USTA self-rate question

    Yep that's what I think they'll do too.
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    USTA Tennis Link Website

    Are they gonna publish and Android app too?
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    USTA self-rate question

    So here's a question. HS player self-rates as a 3.5. In the middle of the league season the player commits to play D-III tennis. Self-rate grid shows that player should self-rate as a 5.0. Is there a grievance to be filed as the player wasn't committed when he self-rated so technically the...
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    Playing 7.0 mixed as a 4.0

    I'd be hitting my best cross court lob to the 3.0F and following it in.
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    How Will This Be Decided?

    Hope the OP is buddies with the League Coordinator.
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    Walking onto a booked court - what is the correct 'etiquette'?

    Completely agree with everything you said but the highlighted is a dead give away you were just being sarcastic.
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    Playing 7.0 mixed as a 4.0

    If she's not comfortable up on the net then she needs to be at the baseline. Her hanging out at the service line is a recipe for disaster.
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    Playing 7.0 mixed as a 4.0

    If they are doing that good of a job avoiding you at the net and targeting your partner then you aren't showing them enough of the alley.
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    “Man I have no chance my ____ is killing me”

    “Man I have no chance my partner is killing me” It's always the partner.
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    People can't count

    Just downloaded that app for my Apple Watch. Going to try to use it tonight.