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    Spot Real or Fake RPM Reels (w/ pics)

    My opinion is if he's selling one fake string then he's probably selling other fake strings...
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    Spot Real or Fake RPM Reels (w/ pics)

    The fake strings came from seller "sunshine-usa"
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    Spot Real or Fake RPM Reels (w/ pics)

    I have here 4 sets of "RPM Blast." 2 I bought off Amazon which are real. 2 I bought off the great auction site which were fake and which I was later refunded. I've listed the differences I spotted between the two reels and hopefully will help anyone out there who might have questions about...
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    FS: 50+ Men's Nike/Adidas Tops and Bottoms

    what size are the shorts?
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    I Discovered the BEST and CHEAPEST Hybrid Combo

    If 1 play tester and 3 TW staffers recommended it then how did you discover it?
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    Federer's blacked out frame

    If fed doesn't win another major it's not because he switched racquets
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    Man Of Steel (2013)

    The part I had a hard time with was that it lacked any kind of CHARM. Not much between Superman and Lois that the older movies had. I can't really comment on Cavill's acting since it didn't seem like he had much dialogue. It's already been confirmed that a sequel is being made everything that...
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    Selling Various 9/9.5 Nikes

    not probably.....
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    NTRP 0 to 5 in a year? Is that possible?

    since there is no 0 rating, it's impossible.
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    Best tennis commercials

    Best one ever because of the irony (and music)
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    To 4.5 Guys: "Get Out And Stay Out!!"

    I'm a 4.5 and I play mixed 8.0 for USTA league and tournaments and I have a 90+ winning %. I think there are too many variables to say that 4.5s should stay out of 8.0 just because they're too strong. I've lost to a 4.0/4.0 combos simply because they know how to play a 4.5/3.5 pairing by...
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    Wilson BLX Steam 99S vs Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013

    I own the 2013 APDs and I demoed the 99s this week and I didn't like it compared to my APDs. It lacks natural control because of the open pattern, it's too powerful and off centered shots were really bad.