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    Federer is the luckiest of all times?

    I am not sure about that. Actually, Fed might be a victim of the virus. He will get older and less and less chance to win GS. Since no sign of dominant young players so Nadal and ND will play well for a few more years. they have enough time to catch "20" or pass "20". it will be very interesting...
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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    Most of people has similar experience for initial hitting with Regna. Vibrations are unique feel of shaft action (spring like feeling). It will be gone when you hit a few session. If you hit less spin shot, you might like first version more ^_^. The first version gives very low trajectory than...
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    Kei Nishikori jacket

    I have a cutting machine and heat press or machine. Video instruction will be useless since you need those machine and some easy graphic skills. I am processing of moving so I sold the jacket for just retail price ($40) to a person who gave his jacket to forum member’s son for free. Nice...
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    30+ pairs of vapor 9/9.5. I can skip vapor X which does not fit me at all ( Never had shoe fit problem for any brands before). Hope those shoes will be okay for another two-three years.
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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    I can't believe I just don't have time to play tennis nowadays. only hit a few times since I got a newer version. new drilling pattern changed sightly. original has more frame action but hardly notice with newer version. Also it has a higher trajectory than the first version. it's not like...
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    I think ALTA should cancel or reschedule/delay the upcoming season. Currently, US health system can not afford to test many people like korean does. mild symptom people will spread virus unknowingly.
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    Federer Uniqlo Signed Shirt

    the shirt name is Dry-EX crew neck short-sleeve T-shirt. Federer often used for practices. Retail version does not have logos and it's $15. I did customize several of those shirts since it's cheap. Uniqlo released new version in this year but have not tried yet. Hope you got the real one ^_^
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    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Definitely, you should be the top list of shoe tester for every shoe company hahaha. Glad to see that you are still playing a lot of tennis ^_^
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    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

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    Control vs. Power racquets, prefer?

    I used to love controlled frames but it requires more foot works because of low power. moved to powerful rackets then my foot works were terrible so choose decent powered rackets and trying to work on controls. It will not give pin point controls but middle of everything is better than just...
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    Yonex Mens Apparel

    In my short experiences, it’s depends on a season by a season. Sometimes, it’s looser/baggy fit. sometimes, it’s true fit. I don’t see slim fit from Yonex.
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    Kei Nishikori jacket

    I made a mistake from customizations so I had only choice to make the Nishikori jacket.
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    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    Finally looks like Nike is turning away from “WARRANTY”. Their Voucher system was the best feature from tennis shoes but I saw many people tried to abuse the system... They should just change policy to send replacement shoes or exact same shoe model replacement instead of sending a voucher which...
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    Technifibre Quality Control

    When I bought T-315 Ltd, weight difference was as big as 8g. Matching service might be a good idea for the brand in my opinion.