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    Post an image or gif that describes something in tennis....

    novak using the pepe method of water drinking the method causes excitation of the tongue follicles to force the water minerals into the blood stream and kills the toxins
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    Best player quotes

    not a player himself, but einstein knew his tennis
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    Nadal Dehumanized by Media

    this is how we should speaketh of the creature. whats the problem hear?
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    How many triangles do you see?

    why not
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    How many triangles do you see?

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    How bad are you?

    were you charged with manslaughter
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    Mardy Fish's perfect tennis player

    where fererd. reported
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    Why no pro loves cats?

    nadals dog looks like it got hit with a karlovic serve
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    Admit it :)

    whadda we got here.. a nadal thread?
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    April Fools!

    gotcha, fool
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    Will Fedr retire?

    this must be why they call u mega mind
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    What is something nobody/few people know about you?

    i'm in. i already have some signs made up: "y'all just a buncha haters", "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best", "stay calm and carry on"