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    Where is Thomas Martinez???

    blast from the past .... he was a WEALTH of information !
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    Mid 40s beginner racquet advice

    Garry my 2nd reaction is to find a shop with someone you have confidence with and glean his or her mind. tennis is a funny game finding the right racket at the right moment in your progression is frought with false trails. Good Luck ! find a practice wall or board to hit the ball on a regular...
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    instead of the prostaff 6.9 95?

    best call.
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    Should I get a backup or is it a waste of $?

    I don't play tourneys, but I play a lot with different friends when they're available. All range from 3.0-4.5 so occasionally I dig in and get some pretty hard matches going. Idk if I'm gonna need to worry about another racket though. I just play same guy for years and even when I was young I...
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    Mid 40s beginner racquet advice

    Glad to have you here !!! I would just demo frames read the boards here and ask questions. it's a great sport and I wish you the Best !
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    Pacific Vacuum 90 ...

    You may hit well with this just rallying with you're friends or playing a lesser opponent, but as soon as you start to get some pressure in a match situation the combination of very low power, no forgiveness and miniscule sweetspot really takes a toll agree ... I play the same guy although an...
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    Pacific Vacuum 90 ...

    this frame is not low powered ! just perfect ... reminds mo of my 1989 made in America Prestiges, that is lively & the mid-sized hitting surface that meld of control. I have played it for about three weeks all on indoor carpet. I'm using the promo hybrid that is offerd thru TW & I also continue...
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    Guess his NTRP level

    foot-work is kinda strong.
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    Lacoste Tennis Apparel and Andy Roddick

    got that right ! :)
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    How much do strings REALLY do?

    always long with a Great competent stringer they run in tandem.
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    Vintage Prestige Tour info help needed

    sounds like the ones TW once sold & the CAP grommets available now will fit it.
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    The future of tennis racquets?

    been done by Shimano with casting reels .... nothing beats the "educated thumb" for feel & distance ...same thing for tennis.... stupid !
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    Finally!!! Narrowed it down to three racquets :)

    so funny !!!!!!!!!!! babolatbarry "ripped.buffed & deisel" :)
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    Does practicing with flatish balls help you or hurt you?

    how messed up is this guy !!!!!!! "ignored is the option for him... Bleak !
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    Does practicing with flatish balls help you or hurt you?

    well you are asking question here ... sorry I forgot to bring diaper bag with me today :)