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    Pure Strike Wimbledon Edition Second row of pictures. Its not as good as the photo I saw but it gives a good idea. It has 'Wimbledon' written at 6 o'clock on the bridge of the frame.
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    Pure Strike Wimbledon Edition

    I've just seen the Wimbledon Pure Strike. Black frame as normal with lime green highlights where the current frame has red. Looks great and will try and upload the photo.
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    Yonex GTour 310 or 330 Grams?

    Is there a way to tell them apart or are the paint jobs identical?
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    Yonex GTour 310 or 330 Grams?

    It comes in at 344 strung with no over grip. I thought quality control was their thing!
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    Yonex GTour 310 or 330 Grams?

    Stupid question…but I have got one of an auction site and it was listed as the 310 version but it weighs in heavier. I can't find any indication on the frame at all as to which one it is as both weights are listed on the inside of the throat. Can someone tell me how to tell the 2 apart...
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    Edberg!!! Not the best quality but its the content that counts. Enjoy.
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    Head Custom Made

    Its definitely custom racquets. 3rd photo on their Twitter tease says that on the slide that Bob Brett is stood next to. To what degree of customisation who knows...
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    Tommy Haas Racquet.

    He uses a 238.4 with a custom grip shape.
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    what male pro use a 22mm beam frame or thicker

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...breath...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...sigh
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    This Dreamer made me laugh

    Just replace the ** with the letter 'ba' in the link and it'll come up...enjoy!!
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    This Dreamer made me laugh

    http://www.e** Easy fix I'd say!
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    Pat Rafter

    Lower third of the page. Looks like a blacked out Yonex frame.
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    Novak great impression of Guga

    Forget it, just saw it on the post below!
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    Novak great impression of Guga

    I'm not a massive fan of his impressions, but i found this by accident and he does a fantastic one of Guga whilst playing him in Brazil. Follow the link and click on the Nintendo advertisement to the right of the screen. There's a report of the match after the advert...
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    Buy Tommy Haas' Racquet!

    I've got a Tommy Haas Youtek frame with his custom handle moulded on my office wall. $800 would be an expensive charity auction amount in reality, but worth it as its for charity. Then again, its only worth what someone will pay for it.