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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    I’m wondering as well. Long time pure storm and pure control user (tour models) that really would like for Babolat to bring something great along the spec of this line to the market. Heavy and flexible. :)
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    Adidas Spring/Summer 2021

    Really like the colour for the Solecourt Boost (primeblue). Hope to be able to order it soon.
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    Babolat Pure Storm/Pure Control Fan Club

    I used to have two P07 in the bag as well but since this summer I have my two PCT and one PSGT with weight in the handle as some kind of backup I guess.
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    Babolat Pure Storm/Pure Control Fan Club

    I have just a little hope that maybe a new VS/VS tour will be a step back to something better kind of like the PCT (which I play with and is a fantastic racquet). But seeing how they have handled their other lines my guess is that they will only release a Strike VS in a double pack and it won’t...
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    2020 Prostaff update

    Anyone who has played with the new PS97v13 that can tell me more about how stiff it feels/plays? I’m looking to switch out my Pure Control Tours and besides the stiffness the PS97 has very similar specs. And a really nice look. :)
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    Racquet advice - Head Gravity Tour/Pro

    Thanks for your input! I actually have never really liked customising my racquets. I have done it with putty in the handle, tungsten tape etc. But I always find myself questioning it and just keep changing and switching back and forth which makes me quite insecure about my equipment. I’m...
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    Racquet advice - Head Gravity Tour/Pro

    Yeah I was thinking about trying the Tour also. It seems similar to the PS16x19 weight wise. It’s a good suggestion to tail weight that one a little. Thanks!
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    Racquet advice - Head Gravity Tour/Pro

    So, I’ve been playing for a few years with Babolat Pure control Tour. Am thinking about upgrading to a Gravity Pro for something a little more forgiving. My only concern is the SW of above 330gr, PCT has a rather low at 316gr which is nice. I’m also used to the 2:nd gen Pure Strike which have a...
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    Congratulations Alexander Zverev and Pablo Carreno Busta

    Busta was really entertaining in his outburst the other year when he was throwing his bag and screaming as he was walking off the court. That was not boring at all. :eek:;)
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    New Version of Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour coming in 2020?

    I’ll bump this question. Anyone got any news, pics or anything? Hoping for something more similar to the Pure Control Tour given the the previous PSVS Tour version reportedly was stiffer and had a smaller sweetspot.
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    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    Did I just see an old man as a ball boy in the Wawrinka match? Reminds me of when Kramer’s a ball man in Seinfeld... :-D But good for him.
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    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    Anyone know if they’ll be updating the Strike VS and VS tour also? Can’t remember reading a single word about it...
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    Head Velocity

    I literally did a monty python imitation just five minutes ago (the not so silly walk) and watched a Seinfeld episode an hour ago... :eek:
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    Head Velocity

    I guess us V veterans desperately need to find ways to keep talking in this thread. If a taint pull is what’s needed for that - I’m game.