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    FS: Babolat VS Control

    I have one of these in the same shape. Fantastic!!! Email sent.
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    FT: Yonex VCORE 95, Head Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL, Prestige Classic 600, or Pro Staff 85.

    Hello mate! How are you doing? Hope you're fine. The LM Instinct Tour XL: only trade or do you sell it? If yes, how much for the 3? Shipping is to Dover NH 03820 Thanks a lot, mate. Cheers.
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    The Cult of PT57

    Head Tour Xtra Long is my favorite MP racquet of all time. I gess i've had more than 20. Still have 2 brand new. With the plastic at the handle it weights 319g, so i bet 315g (11.1 oz) unstrung.
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    FS/FT: Head Tour XtraLong 98sq 4 1/2 (Made In Austria)

    Hello, mate! Could you send some pictures to please? Thanks a lot.
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    FS: Tecnifibre Tfight 315 ATP 16M, 9.5/10

    Still available?
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    Head Tour Xtra long: swingweight?

    Since I discovered this racket in 2016, I bought about 20. 5 of them still sealed. It is by far the best mid plus I have ever used. Much better than Pro Tour 630/280, i.Prestige MP ... Solid, extremely handy for a 28-inch, very little vibration, and much less tiring than Pro Tour, with the...
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    Head Tour XL / Head Pro Lite Tour XL

    Hello, mate! Nice! Deal! Could you send me some photos? I'll send you some too... I can guarantee that all mine are in excellent condition. Have 6 of them. Which grip do you want? I can change the pallets. I have since lighter versions (315g unstrung) to heavier versions (325g...
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    Head Tour XL / Head Pro Lite Tour XL

    You kidding??? One of the best Head racquets. I have a few Head XL (27'5 and 28) racquets. Just love them. Also some Wilson XL Do you sell it?
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    Sample of old Head models

    Hello guys! I bought a Head Prestige Master on ****, new with plastic on the handle yet. I can't find the specs anywhere. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!
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    Which string for Wilson Steam 99S and 105S?

    I'm testing one set of 16 babolat rpm blast 1.20 - 58 lbs mains x 54 lbs crosses, and I am absolutely amazed with the results. Unbelievable spin, excellent power, good control ... it seems that the court has grown about 6 feet each side. Balls that would surely out before, now fall 1 feet before...