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    Is Djokovic done?

    Here’s the thing. Djokovic is not “done” obviously. But he’s pretty vulnerable especially in the earlier rounds. It’s another matter altogether that none of these clowns can capitalize on that.
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    Sinner MTO

    Unsportsmanlike. Unless he was injured due to a fall in the previous point or something. In that case, it’s okay
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    Let's NEVER say Fed's competition was weak

    Seriously though. Very weird presser from Medvedev. Now I’m 100% confident he’ll be a mug whenever he faces Big 3 in slams. I do agree, that Federer era players had much more hunger and the right attitude.
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    Djokovic is in a slow decline, but his fans don't acknowledge it yet

    Novak is in a decline. In fact, his decline is not any different from Federer's decline post 2012. I would say Federer played at a higher level at a similar age (Mid 2014- mid 2016). There was a peak Novak Djokovic who stopped that Federer from racking up multiple slams. There is nobody like...
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    Roger's got a new look...

    Nadal fans talking about balding :-D
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    Uncle Toni on Medvedev

    Toni is right.
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    Who can stop Djokovic at Wimbledon this year?

    The return of the King.
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    Is Federer the tragic hero

    This comparison across tournaments makes no sense. They are different tournaments played on different surfaces. Djokovic is at 9 AO, 3 ahead of the second best, Federer at 6. Similarly, Federer at Wim is on 8, 3 ahead of the 2nd best, Djokovic at 5. Djokovic might get a few more Wimbledons...
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    Is Federer the tragic hero

    Federer's legend will only grow and grow and grow. He's not even done yet.
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    Which non-big 3 will win the most slams?

    Hard to predict. It’s more like who’s gonna clown harder and fail worse than the other. The Thiem-Zverev USO final is a big sign of things to come.
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    Will Djokovic ever beat Nadal again?

    Some of you never learn lol
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    Will Djokovic ever beat Nadal again?

    Odd time to create this thread lol
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    AO 2021 Final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [3] Daniil Medvedev

    Novak was right. These next gen players need to “earn” their slam. It won’t come easy! But these guys just keep mugging it up again and again. They just look happy to be there, to share the court. They just don’t have enough hunger to win. Medvedev couldn’t have had better momentum heading into...
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    AO 2021 Final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [3] Daniil Medvedev

    What a way to end it. Hats off.