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    Duel Match Stats/Report - Sampras vs Agassi, Year End Championship semi-final, 1994 & round robin, 1996

    So Sampras served 20 aces in 15 service games and 1 tiebreak, a rate of 1.25 aces per game/tb. Here are some of his top ace rates; the list is by no means definitive, maybe other posters will know of more. - 1.57 in a win over Agassi in 2002 USO final (33 aces in 21 games) - 1.37 in a loss to...
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    Match Stats/Report - Agassi vs Rafter, Australian Open semi-final, 2001

    Incredibly Rafter's previous best performance at the AO was his R16 loss to Agassi back in '95. An AP report by John Pye: In high humidity inside Rod Laver Arena, Agassi needed 3 hours, 7 minutes to advance to his fifth final in the last eight Grand Slam tournament. He made a backhand error...
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    How many times was Sampras broken serving for the match?

    Was broken at love serving for the match against Kafelnikov in 1995 Davis Cup final (indoor clay). But it happened to him rarely.
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    Mecir receiving at the service line

    I charted more stats for this match. Wilander won 153 points, Mecir 129. Wilander won 84 of 133 service points (63.2%): 53/77 on 1st (68.8%) and 31/56 on 2nd (55.4%) Mecir won 80 of 149 service points (53.7%): 62/110 on 1st (56.4%) and 18/39 on 2nd (46.2%) Wilander made 77 of 133 first...
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    Incorrect ATP stats (a survey)

    It looks like the ATP’s double-counting of aces and double-faults in the 1992-99 span did not begin until the 1992 French Open. Its stats for the ’92 Australian Open look correct, when checked against the charts at Tennis Abstract. 1992 AO, Courier-Edberg Per ATP, Edberg served 125 points...
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    Mecir receiving at the service line

    A boxscore for the Mecir-Becker semi at '86 USO
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    Match Stats/Report - Lendl vs Becker, Indianapolis semi-final, 1985

    Hard to believe but in the summer of '85 both of these men were technically one-Slam wonders, and Lendl was not even the current titleholder of a Slam. I noticed some in the crowd laughed, when Lendl stepped back after those back-to-back aces. But it turned out to be the perfect move. Boris...
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    Greatest Serves of All Time

    Federer 7 YEC finals indoors – median is 36.0% 2011 YEC final Federer 38.8% Tsonga 33.7% 2010 YEC final Federer 37.5% Nadal 28.8% 2007 YEC final Federer 37.0% Ferrer 15.9% 2006 YEC final Federer 36.0% Blake 22.2% 2015 YEC final Federer 27.1% Djokovic 30.4% 2012 YEC final...
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    Some stats for 1969 Wimbledon final

    I charted this match, didn't do winners, just service numbers (they're slightly different from yours). In the 31 games of the available footage: Laver won 105 points, Roche 97. Laver won 59 of 89 service points (66.3%): 36/48 on 1st (75.0%) and 23/41 on 2nd (56.1%). Roche won 67 of 113...
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    Laver and Connors in 1975

    Some stats I did years ago on the available footage of the match, which covers 15 games (out of 39 played): from the start of the third set through 3-all in the fourth. Full score was 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 7-5 Connors won 12 of 21 net approaches (7 of 10 in the third set), Laver 24 of 33 (13 of 15 in...
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    Greatest Serves of All Time

    Here are some partial counts 1949 US Champs final Gonzalez 36.4% Schroeder 27.5% (only the 34-game first set) 1957 Richmond WS Rosewall 42.9% Gonzalez 26.6% (only the 28-game third set) 1959 Wimb final Olmedo 28.3% Laver 25.6% (24 of 29 games) 1960 Wimb final Fraser 31.1% Laver 20.4%...
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    Greatest Serves of All Time

    Thanks for the Cincy match. Wilander-Agassi, don't know, Moose charted the service numbers. But Mats has a good chance there of returning 100% on 2nd. Yes and it adds another layer of nuance to all this. I was saying above that a guy might have a great unreturned rate due to his own great...
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    Greatest Serves of All Time

    Wasp asked me about 2010 USO in another thread, I found this ATP article with cumulative stats for Nadal and Djokovic in their first 6 rounds. Below is a statistical look at how 2010 US Open finalists Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have performed in their six matches en route to the title...
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    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Wimbledon final 2019

    At the USO the ESPN commentators said that Djokovic made exactly zero UEs in his 3 tiebreaks against Federer at Wimbledon. They said it must be some kind of record. Federer has always played great tiebreaks and he's played many great ones in GS finals over the years, but I think what Djokovic...
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    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Nadal, Wimbledon semi-final, 2019

    Coming into this match Nadal had actually out-aced Federer over five rounds, 47-42. Federer out-aced him in this match only 14-10. And with the total unreturned serves known, we can calculate that Nadal won 30 points and lost 41 whenever his serve was returned (that's all serves, both 1st...