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    Bruising on top of foot - Causes besides stress fracture?

    I had a similar injury and it was a stress fracture. However I was playing again about 3 weeks after the acute injury - once a week, back fully maybe only after 5-6 weeks. If it is not getting worse then you can make that judgment call about when to go back to playing. There are ways to lace...
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    How Has Your Game Changed as You’ve Gotten Older?

    As a teenager, I had a big serve, big return, and super flat groundstrokes - I loved to play inside the baseline (but hated the net). 25y later I still have a decent serve but my return is garbage and I have a little more topspin from the baseline, and always trying to develop better net skills.
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    Manners on the Court

    To answer the OP, if you are the weakest player it’s best to just go along to get along. Especially if you do not have a lot of social capital with this group. And sometimes as the weakest player, you may not be accurately judging the better players’ abilities. For example, people lower-level...
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    Manners on the Court

    lol I have this exact same experience. The men pairings are whoever’s on the same side warming up and the women are going to have as balanced teams as possible. Of course, unspoken as to your specific level, but we all know.
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    US Open gear thread

    Pavs’ Lacoste dress is ok in motion but does not look good when she’s standing still. Their cuts for the ladies are weird.
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    Have you had a mental block and how did you get over it?

    I had this exact experience. I made a tiny grip change that helps me swing relaxed, but the key for me was internalizing how it feels to hit a clean backhand, carry that with me, and I just decided that it was good now and I didn't have any more issues. Seriously, mind over matter.
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    Best smooth cross poly to pair with multi main

    I am liking Yonex ptpg 120(17g) or 125 (16Lg) with multi right now, but I put my poly in the mains.
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    What is considered too late for starting to play junior tournaments?

    Is that how girls play tennis? They prance around? And you and your son have a laugh at it?
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    What is considered too late for starting to play junior tournaments?

    Put him in more group drills with his peers. They will start by doing points games for fun, and most programs have match play blocks or days (esp in summer). He has to slowly ramp up to tournament pressure. Plus if you want him to actually stick with it and then move into the Jr circuit phase...
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    Advice For 22 Year Old Returning From Meniscus Surgery (For a 2nd Time)

    My experience: 2 partial meniscectomies in my mid-20s, about 1-year apart. My 2nd ortho said (this is HIGHLY paraphrased) sometimes the first surgery does not clean out all the "debris" and a second, more aggressive look is needed. I did a LOT of physical therapy - 6 mos before surgery and 6...
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    Enough Is Enough: Should I Switch to Open Stance FH?

    Cindy keep us posted on the FH...I'm curious how it works out for you. I think some of us tend to overanalyze stroke technique when we should really focus more on the footwork patterns that work for us and how to play more fluidly.
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    High school coach does not care for results

    OP, I was like your daughter. I was cocky as hell. I had to decide whether to stay on the team or not, because it does take a lot away from USTA tennis, but in the end I stayed because I loved my coach and my teammates were my best friends. If I didn't have that, it would not have been worth it...
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    Enough Is Enough: Should I Switch to Open Stance FH?

    Since she plays exclusively doubles I was assuming she already had a FH slice, realize now that may not be true. As for fixing the regular FH, if you hit with a semi open stance but can’t get enough rotation in your core to not just arm the ball you are asking for injury for sure. Some of the...
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    Enough Is Enough: Should I Switch to Open Stance FH?

    Do you need a Fh drive? Why not just hit slice?
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    Has anyone tried the 5.2 Diet?

    For those of you who do a 16:8 type fast, did you notice any issues with focus or mood when starting your fast? I have always noticed significant focus issues playing tennis when I have not eaten enough. I would like to lose 20lbs and have really struggled to lose anything over the past 5 years.