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    What round does Fed lose at 2021 Wimbledon?

    I don’t know the exact contract of roger Federer with Uniqlo. I assume they wanted him to play at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Obviously with Covid that didn’t happen. The end is near
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    Nadal has to play Wimbledon

    2019 Wimbledon will always be the deciding title for who ends up with most grand slams. I think Novak will eventually end up with 21. He won’t win all 4 majors. You can see cracks in his game. It’s been an amazing ride for the top 3 guys. Fed is done after this year in my opinion. Nadal knees...
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    What happened to Sampras will happen to Federer

    I’m no Sampras fan. I’m an Agassi and Lendl fan for the most part during the 1980s and 1990s era. But the court surfaces have slowed. I have a hard time imagining Novak or Rafael winning on grass if the surface were faster. So we can only compare players to their own cohort. Sampras vs Agassi...
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    Federer showing why he is so loved and a legend

    Fed isn’t going to win the tournament. In fact if he somehow survives 4th round. I think best just to default walk over vs Novak. And get ready for Wimbledon. 4 grand slam matches on clay is enough. Novak is gonna to kill fed. Just being honest. And fed is my favorite player. Than nadal.
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    Federer is one of the greatest clay court players of all time

    He’s great on all surfaces. But if can make it to the QF despite 2-3 total match play the last 18 months it would just cement how great on clay fed is. He didn’t play for 3 years and still made the semis in 2019. I think a QF showing is a prelude to a deep run at Wimbledon.
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    Which baseline player has the best serve past or present?

    Ivan Lendl was a pure baseliner with a excellent serve. He is number one on my list.
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    Where did the Fedr fans who claimed that only slams matter?

    2019 Wimbledon will hunt Federer forever. I’m just shocked how dominant nadal was even with a 7 month layoff. Nadal could end up with 22/23 easily the way he’s playing on clay fed always has a chance at Wimbledon but he’s 39 and almost 40 by next July.
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    No offense to Thiem but I see how bad...

    Thiem just turn 27. Clearly he’s not on the same level as roddick or hewitt who were top ranked at much younger ages and won their first (and only for roddick) grand slam at younger ages. Roddick probably wins 6-7 grand slams easily without Federer. Hewitt has the Jim courier type of career...
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    ATGs most devastated loss?

    Lendl 1990 semi lost to edberg at wimbledo. Lendl had won Australia. Probably would have won French but skipped it to go all in Wimbledon and got steam rolled by edberg. who knows. In another area with better rackets And technology Lendl would not need to serve and volley and would have won...
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    Federer vs Hewitt USO 2005 SF

    Feds forehand seems much better back in the old days after watching the video. I actually think his 2015-current backhand is better due to the bigger rackets but his forehand isn’t as good as in 2005
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    Let's talk about the word "pusher"

    Mats Wilander probably the most successful "pusher" in the past 40 plus years (In my opinion). But he had very little room for error. So once he peaked US Open 1988, he lost his edge and never was the same. Lendl was more of a power baseliner (same with Agassi) but Agassi's return service...
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    Least early exits in Slams

    It really depends how much longer a player wants to play if they are near the end. Lendl from 1992-1994 was facing major back issues and lost 6 times in the first 2 rounds.
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    Roger Federer to miss French Open after having knee surgery

    The fact that fed can still make French semis at age 37 3/4 after 3 years away on his weakest surface. And still be notch above anyone except novak/nadal was amazing. It’s also a big mark on the the young gen of players who can’t raise their hands. oh well. Guess he’s going all in Wimbledon...
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    Worst Final perfornance: 2018 Federer or 2020 Djokovic

    It’s pretty sad state of tennis when the big 3 are still dominating playing at 85-88% of their peak levels. a age 31-35year old Agassi playing at 85% of peak level in 2005 us open finals Probably wins 5-6 majors year against this type of competition the current big 3 are facing. Agassi won 2...
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    Feels like it's Novak's last AO trophy

    It’s harder and harder to win as you get older. That’s just the way it goes. It’s shocking we got over the hill (for tennis) men’s big 3 consistently winning majors well into their 30s. Usually slams grind to a halt after age 30. But fed (1) age 30 3/4 (2012 Wimbledon) 2017 x 2, 2018 (total of...