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    Cheap(est) alternative to luxilon 4G?

    Hmm. You should really try Kirschbaum ProLine X. I haven’t personally played with 4G but I have played with BBO Rough, AluPower, Savage, Adrenalin, Adrenalin Rough, and Timo. I find that all of the LuX strings have a dead and muted quality versus the other brands. I suspect that BBO Rough...
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    Re-launched Wilson Blade 98 V6

    I have been playing with it for about 3 weeks now. It's pretty much exactly what I wanted, a Blade without extra tech that has a uniform, firm flex. I hit well with the v7, but I don't like the inconsistent feel from the flex. I should note that mine came in under spec at 315SW using the TW...
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    Blade V6 2021 (finally without CV)

    I bought several of these. Former RF97A user. Have been playing with the Beast O3 98 and also tried the Graphene 360 Speed Pro. I should say that my frames came in under spec on SW (315 SW with Sensation 17), but I had asked for some from TW that were at or under published spec because I wanted...
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    Wilson Blade V6

    Flash looks suspiciously like ProLine X. Is it the same string but just rebranded? Thanks
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    Wilson Blade V6

    What string and tension did TW use in the video for the Blade 98 v6 relaunch? Thanks
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    Wilson Blade 98 - Sweetspot

    I have found blades to have sweet spot two crosses up from center. Head Speed, for example seems to have sweet spot in center. Prince Beast O3 98 definitely has a higher sweet spot. Volkl frames tend to have a slightly lower sweet spot than Wilson or Babolat. You can also pay attention to head...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    For poly’s, I don’t usually like “shaped” since when fresh I find the launch angle to be more irregular and then I knock the edges off after about an hour of play. For dead poly’s, Spiky Black Shark is really good. So is BBO Rough. For an interesting more lively string job and that has the...
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    Taking the Gut plunge..any advice?

    Best setup that I have found is Lux Gut mains with Lux BBO Rough crosses. I string up 5lbs more than my normal poly setup although an increase in 7 lbs would be ok as well. I prefer Klip gut over the Babolat gut. I also use a 2lb differential between mains and crosses. The Babolat gut is just...
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    Why did Roger Quickly dismiss the tuxedo RF97?

    I think it’s what you get used to. I personally like the white or contrasting colors. It helps me to visually “frame” the ball when I’m hitting. But I could also see that not working for someone who is used to the racquet being a uniform color or who wants the racquet to be invisible.
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    Calling RF97 users, how's the stability?

    I wouldn’t add any weight to the frame. Instead, I would experiment with the string setup. Different gauges will add a couples of grams. I have been playing with the Tuxedo version for about 18 months. I originally had them strung with Alu Power at 50# but I found that stringing with ProLine X...
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    Why did Roger Quickly dismiss the tuxedo RF97?

    I have the Tuxedo. I wasn’t a super fan when I bought them, but now it’s my favorite cosmetic. It looks way better in person and I actually find that the white sides help me frame the ball juat like the Prince Diablo MP paint job did. I haven’t played with other versions but I do remember that...
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    At age 58 it’s time for a new generation player frame: Follow My Saga Here

    You should try Prince Beast O3 98 with a leather grip. It’s an arm-friendly Pure Aero
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    Best round strings

    Best all-around poly that I have used is Kirschbaum Proline X.
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    Prince Beast 98

    Update. I really love the O3 Beast 98. It does need a little bit of weight to play it’s best. I added Head Tour Leather grips to bring the weight up about 10g. It gave me a slight boost in control, stability, feel, and power. I have fewer shots that fly on me. Much fewer than when playing with...
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    Seeking New Racket Need Help D1 college level player

    I'll throw a couple of frames that I use in the mix. Wilson RF97A and the Prince O3 Beast 98. If you play frequently, the RF97A is a great choice. I have found the Beast O3 98 to also be a great choice-- especially with the addition of a leather grip to bring the weight up about 10g.