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    When would you live?

    I am a 1992 kid and I think late 90s/early 00s was the sweet spot to be alive. Enough technology to make our lives easier but no enough to let it control our lives. Social media has been the worst thing that happened.
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    New ATP ia terrible

    Anyone else hate the new atp app? really not user friendly at all
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    Which player gives the best award ceremony speeches?

    Dont think we ever had this kind of discussion. I really think Novak gives the most genuine speeches. Nadals speeches are always the same.
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    ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

    anyone know the song they play as soon as the match is over? is it lady gaga?
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    How are you planning to spend the off season?

    seeing as we are all big tennis fanatics and tomorrow is the final match of the tennis season, how are you planning to fill the void im your life until january without any tennis to watch or follow?
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    If Nadal wins this WTF, the GOAT discussion is over

    He still has never won Miami or Paris lol. Even if he wins the WTF it will only be his second indoor title.
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    Rank the Top 8 Argentines since 2000

    Chela has 3 GS QFs and Monaco 0
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    Rank the Top 8 Argentines since 2000

    Cañas won one Masters Series though
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    Rank the Top 8 Argentines since 2000

    1. Del Potro 2. Nalbandian 3. Coria 4. Gaudio 5. Cañas 6. Schwartzman 7. Chela 8. Monaco
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    Is Canada 2002 the most impressive Masters 1000 road to victory.

    The thing is Nalbandian was a bigger talent than Cañas so Cañas' victory makes it more impressive in my opinion.
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    Is Canada 2002 the most impressive Masters 1000 road to victory.

    Nalbandians win in Madrid in 07 was also impressive but I think this one is better. Beating Nadal in indoors in 07 ia nothing to write home about and Djokovic was just breaking through
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    Is Canada 2002 the most impressive Masters 1000 road to victory.

    Toronto 2002 by Gullermo Canas. This gotta be the most impressive Masters 1000. F 12 Andy. Roddick64 75 W SF 3 Tommy. Haas64 36 765 W QF 2 Marat. Safin75 63 W R16 5 Yevgeny. Kafelnikov62 62 W R32 60 Paradorn. Srichaphan62 61 W R64 10 Roger. Federer7610 75 W This Event Points...
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    Tennis was #Epic in 2007

    I think Federer's peak ended in AO 2007. Starting with the two Canas losses in the IW-Miami, Federer started to become more vulnerable. Had a bad loss vs Volandri in Rome, then Djokovic beat him in Canada. Dont't get me wrong he was still unreal but a step down from Fed's 04-06 form. I 2004...
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    How cold is too cold to play tennis?

    Will do! I usually hit with 4.0s. What level are you?
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    Novak vs Rafa - Battle of the Surfaces (Clay vs Hard), who would win?

    This battle of the surfaces is way long overdue. Who would win?