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    Players who switched to a smaller head size later in career

    Richard Krajicek went even smaller to a box-beamed 88 sq. inch RD ti-70 after the triangular-beamed SRD Tour 90.
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    Pros Using Modern Prince

    In addition to Isner and Andujar, as previously mentioned: Joran Vliegen, Marcel Granollers, Shuai Peng, Katarzyna Piter, and Ana Lena Friedsam (although she sometimes switches from a stencilled Prince Textreme Warrior to an unstencilled 2017 WIlson Burn in the middle of a match) all use current...
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    this atrocity of a tennis shoe

    Even though Nike doesn't technically own Cole Haan, much of its leadership, including its CEO, Jack Boys, came from Nike/Converse.
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    this atrocity of a tennis shoe

    Cole Haan is a Nike company, much like Converse is a Nike company. Converse also put out a Jack Purcell EVO tennis shoe a few years ago, but the purpose of these Cole Haan and Converse releases is to give their consumer base, who don't really shop for Cages/Barricades, want big logos, or are...
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    Verdasco´s real racquet?

    Verdasco is the only player I know that has been known to play with every major racquet company except for Wilson.
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    Elise Mertens racquet change 2021?

    I think a player will do whatever it takes to make a racquet look like whatever their contract stipulates. It's nothing new, but this one is pretty obvious, like Qiang Wang's Yunlop.
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    Elise Mertens racquet change 2021?

    Definitely not a Head frame. It was odd to me that she would even switch from Babolat to Head in the first place, knowing there is nothing in Head's lineup that matches the super high RA's and super powerful Babolat frames she's used to.
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    Ramos Vinolas Pj

    I'm not sure if you saw correctly, but I'm 100% sure this is not the 2015 PJ in his hands:
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    Ramos Vinolas Pj

    ARV has always played with a Pure Drive but he played with the 2015 PJ in the semis against PCB today. The last two rounds, he played with the 2012 RG PJ. He’s yet to play with the newest 2021 PJ, but it’s always nice to see players use racquets that are a decade old.
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    Roland Garros Postponed by 1 week

    It doesn't just mess up the grass season, but it's also extremely disrespectful of other tournaments that still forged ahead without any fans and took a hit. I live in Charleston but the tournament is not allowing for any fans. Same goes for current tournaments in Bogota, Sardinia, and...
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    History of unsponsored players

    Kanepi, Rogers, and Hsieh are all into the third round of a GS without clothing sponsors...
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    Giorgi new racket?

    Giorgi’s carrying the new red pro bags and painting stencils on her vcores now.
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    Bone Spurs and Elbow Surgery :Racquet Suggestions?

    I tore my ECU tendon in my wrist after playing with the Pure Drive and Pure Aero for years since juniors. I switched to the DR98 and now the Phantom 100G with no issues since the Babolats. Any racquet with an RA under the low 60's and stringing in the high 30's did the trick for me.
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    15 racket size solinco bag

    The Prince Tour 12-Bag has a neon green liner all throughout, with the exception of the thermal compartment.
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    Sock is with his older "America" Pure Aero VS?

    The flag editions were supposed to coincide with the lead-up to the 2020 Olympics, but you know...Coronavirus happened. Benoit Paire and Taro Daniel are also still playing with the France and Japan editions, respectively. To be honest, the pros can play with whatever PJ they want. Sabalenka and...