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    Babolat Pure Aero 2022

    I left Babolat because their stiffness ratings just gave me long-term arm problems. I'm glad they're lowering the RA on this version.
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    Coric :New ultra v4

    Ironic because he actually was an Ezone user prior to leaving Yonex.
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    Is Vineyard Vines sponsoring Will Blumberg or ...

    This is actually his second 250 title. He won the same doubles title last year (Newport 2021) with Jack Sock.
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    New Fed RF T?

    Uniqlo doesn't really put their logo on anything. The only logos they print are for match-day activewear, the RF hat, and their shopping bags.
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    Tennis Racquets Named After Pros

    Prince O3 White Sharapova (it had pink o-ports at the top and her signature) Prince Textreme Warrior Shuai 100L (Asian market exclusive release for Peng Shuai) Head Radical OS Agassi (it was the 107" black and yellow version released with his signature)
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    Geau Sport - Introduction, Questions & Suggestions

    I have 6 Prince Phantom 100G LB’s and they are all 28 inches. I wonder if they all fit in an axiom?
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    Geau Sport - Introduction, Questions & Suggestions

    Do these fit 28” longbody racquets comfortably?
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    Oldest paint job on tour

    Su-Wei Hsieh uses the old orange swirly VCORE Duel-G (old VCORE Pro from four versions ago).
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    Looks like Yonex taken over the lion's share of female pro's

    This color logic doesn’t really apply as the Blade, Ezone, and PD lines have always been big sellers, while the Prestige sales have been floundering since the 90’s.
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    New VCORE 2022?

    Yonex just teased the new VCORE 2022 on Facebook (looks like a darker red/garnet color)…I find it odd since they just released the new EZONES literally a few weeks ago.
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    Parrizas Diaz racquet

    Back in the day, Alexandra Stevenson and Virginie Razzano used them. Also, Sloane Stephens did back in the day too.
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    Tiafoe's Stick

    He might be shopping around for a new contract? It looks like the same setup even with his Yonex PolyTour Pro stringjob but his frame is just blacked out and no Yonex stencil:
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    Players who switched to a smaller head size later in career

    Richard Krajicek went even smaller to a box-beamed 88 sq. inch RD ti-70 after the triangular-beamed SRD Tour 90.
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    Pros Using Modern Prince

    In addition to Isner and Andujar, as previously mentioned: Joran Vliegen, Marcel Granollers, Shuai Peng, Katarzyna Piter, and Ana Lena Friedsam (although she sometimes switches from a stencilled Prince Textreme Warrior to an unstencilled 2017 WIlson Burn in the middle of a match) all use current...
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    this atrocity of a tennis shoe

    Even though Nike doesn't technically own Cole Haan, much of its leadership, including its CEO, Jack Boys, came from Nike/Converse.