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    A Smooth/Round Poly or Co Poly To Cross With Natural Gut

    Gotcha! Makes sense. I don't break strings as fast so maybe will start off with the 1.25 to see how it plays.
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    A Smooth/Round Poly or Co Poly To Cross With Natural Gut

    Ah, great. Have to give it a try. Any reason why you wouldn't go 1.25 as a cross? Figure it might give more durability
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    A Smooth/Round Poly or Co Poly To Cross With Natural Gut

    Is this for real? The yptf getting discontinued? Anyway, my stringer recommended the poly tour spin g in a hybrid once, it has the same infused silicone thing. Any advantages of going up 1.25 for the PTF? I play at 4-4.5 level so would be getting much longer life out of the stringbed, which...
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    Gut/poly advice

    Anyone have experienced with RS Lyon as a cross?
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    Hyper G vs Ultra Cable vs RS Lyon

    In the same boat here. Tried the 1.25 RS and 1.30 hyper g and vastly preferred hyper g. Don't mind the high launch angle of hyper g on groundies as I play predominantly with spin. Volleys however havent been as good as they tend to sit up a little. Will try the 1.20 RS Lyon next to see how it...
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    The gut/poly thread

    Gut/poly newbie here. Have always played with pure poly setup and am thinking of experimenting. The appeal of a gut/poly for me, is its seemingly longer playability duration; where the overall string bed performance doesn't vary as much, as opposed to a pure poly set up. Is this true...
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    Larger frame with tighter string pattern better in general?

    Hmm, very curious about this statement. Would you mind elaborating?
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    Is it poly? Elbow pain makes no sense

    Yep that's it. 100% I'll go further to say that I've had bad coaching set me back as well so super important to get a good coach.
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    Is it poly? Elbow pain makes no sense

    The observation was that I was getting too much rh drop on my flat shots; so the 10/10 suggestion was to get me to overcompensate and not drop my rh. Totally agree with you regarding swing path/ rh drop and spin. The thing is, players aren't usually the best judge of their own technique and...
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    Is it poly? Elbow pain makes no sense

    IMO paying a good coach to help develop sound stroke mechanics is far better value than money spent on softer strings/racquets or getting a ball machine. Fh lag should be a result of a loose wrist. I have the opposite problem where I used to struggle to hit flat shots because my wrist is too...
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    Is it poly? Elbow pain makes no sense

    For me, it is about timing the release of the arm and wrist. If, upon contact I don't feel like my wrist and arm are driven purely by inertia, Im either jammed or late. One indication is over rotating in the follow through which indicates an incorrect acceleration point - I was lucky enough to...
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    switching..... looking for strings

    RS Lyon @1.20 could be worth trying. It's plenty comfortable and 1.20 should give you more than enough power and spin if you swing fast
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    Desperately Seeking Comfort, Precision, Power and Stability

    Second this. Angell of any sort. My TC100 killed my racquetholism
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    Jolly's Polys

    It might just be me, but your review of Cyclone so far sounds exactly like my experience with RPM. What gauge did you end up hitting with? Can't wait for part 2. Don't forget to include pic of a relevant attractive female.
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    70% game and consistency

    Well, a tip I got from my coach is to mentally "check out" between points. Focus on something completely non related (but still in the moment), IE moving strings back into place, colour of the strings, breathing, etc. If you try and stay intense the whole time, mental fatigue will kick in very...