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    Nadal will NOT win FO 2021

    Rename it Rafa Nadal open and make it count 2x if Nadal is in the draw.
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Based on your criteria, I'd be leaning toward the rounder strings you've got on your list. Great thread - can't wait for more reviews!
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    Yonex poly tour pro 130 tension maintenance

    Do you hit with PTP 1.25? I strung my 1.25 at 52/50 and balls started flying after 4 hours. Element 1.25 I broke in 4 hours. I've bought a reel of the blue ptp 1.30 so let the experiment begin! Might start by bumping tension up to 55.
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    First post, super excited - new racquet hunt

    I would consider anything but the Gravity. The Pure Strike might give you elbow woes. Everything else is up for grabs. I second someone else's post telling you to find your preferred swingweight first. Something like the Yonex Ezone 98 strikes a good balance between comfort, extra power...
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    Yonex poly tour pro 130 tension maintenance

    Hmm, I've grown out of textured polys but hybriding ptp with a stiffer cross loke MP isn't a bad idea. I'd still be interested in the 1.30 though as I play with a fairly open 100 sq inch racquet. Yeah, ptp 1.25 flies on me after about 4 hours. The feel is still good, though. I really like the...
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    Yonex poly tour pro 130 tension maintenance

    Does anyone play with the 130 ptp? How does it hold tension? I really liked the feel of the blue ptp 125 but it starts flying on me a little too quickly. It would be interesting to find out how the 130 compares in terms of playability and durability for those who have played with it before I...
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    Hyper-G soft and Cyclone Tour

    I hit with a Angell tc 100 16x19 which could explain why I find the vct hard to control. I'm a big hitter and serve+fh can trouble atp guys and former 7.0s if they're not dialed in (I am far from their level however). I also noticed vct 1.30 is noticeably thinner than other 1.30 strings...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Mmm k. Different guy. Mine's in Vic. Said the same thing about my TC100 needing to be strung 1 pc. Kinda hard with a hybrid though. Haha.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    AO stringer? Comment about Angell being 1 pc? He wouldn't happened to be based in Richmond, does he?
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    IMG Academy Tennis I.Q. Challenge

    Not sure if serious...
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    Your shots have to creat some heat

    Secret recipe to 20 GS
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    Your shots have to creat some heat

    Here's a good breakdown of a point between fed and jmdp.
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    Your shots have to creat some heat

    For pros, I think it's absolutely valid. What the video is missing, however, is where Murray is taking his shots when going offensive. He's inside the baseline from the first shot after the serve. Watch how he keeps moving forward each shot. Textbook.
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    Isospeed Baseline Speed - Stiffness? Reviews?

    Has anyone tried the 1.35 or 1.30 gauge? Would be good to know what the tension maintenance is like.