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    2021 Wimbledon - WTA discussion

    So do I, and I like the fact she appreciates iit is a game and loves grass, but I have also seen pliskova at Eastbourne, and she has a good grass court game I think it’s a good final to be honest and I am looking forward to it, not sure who I want to win
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    Very depressing . Who can challenge Novak at Wimbledon

    Well it looks like Berrettini is the only one who could possibly put up a fight, because of his serve, when he won queens , I was still not sure but he seems to held his Grass game together at Wimbledon, it really depends how much he can frustrate Novak with his serve,
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    Roger's Press Conference is Up

    Maybe, but I really hope he does not , I cannot bear the hope and the constant hype, it really has become boring, Got to love Mac, when said why he lost ...he said he is 39., why are you asking , with Boris , saying he just had a off dwy Novak is the one left standing, the other three are...
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    mcenroe on raducanu match

    One of the reasons they give WC to young local talent, is to allow them the opertunity to earn first round prize money.
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    2021 Wimbledon R3: Roger Federer [6] vs Cameron Norrie [29]

    Yeah No one mentions the welsh side. Not surprising :unsure::eek:
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    2021 Wimbledon R3: Roger Federer [6] vs Cameron Norrie [29]

    Well i can agree, that it is difficult subject , ones nationality or upbringing , but Norrie did not have dual nationality at birth Norrie being born in South Africa does not make him South African , in fact I doubt he has citizenship from there, probably more a New Zealander ( and probably...
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    2021 Wimbledon R3: Roger Federer [6] vs Cameron Norrie [29]

    He was british by birth , both his parents are british he would have not had any other passport when he was born Anyway centre is not filled with the usual company execs, I would not be surprised if they put this on court 1
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    2021 Wimbledon R3: Roger Federer [6] vs Cameron Norrie [29]

    Not to sure the crowd will support Fed, it’s not such an international crowd as in previous Wimbledon’s I think Norrie has a very good chance
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    Poor Tsitsipas.....DESTROYED once more, LOL

    I think he is heading for the Olympics
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    Wimbledon 2021 - R1 Djokovic V Draper

    He will enjoy it, I don’t doubt, and to be honest he will know it’s not real opposition to him by the crowd, Hopefully draper with not be overcome and will show what he is made of, and everyone will go home happy
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    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    I cant see dan knocking out tsits , if they met, Dan has never played Well against him, this is presuming tsits gets to the 4th round which would mean tsits has found Some grass form
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    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    Who can tell the future for him? As you say wimby centre court against defending champ , hopefully it Will be a motivation fo his future :)
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    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    So new youngest Brit. Jake Drapper . Who “arrived” at Queens club, will face Nole on centre court. Lets hope he can make a few plucky shots to get the crowd involved , before his defeat, Quite a good first round for interest