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    Nike Wimbledon 2019

    ... and the shoes are just ridiculous & hideous, IMHO. Seems like Fed knew what designs were lurking 'round the corner, so no wonder he fled.
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    Federer: Nike shirts look like a truck drove over it

    It just shows there was some serious bad blood when he was leaving the pack.
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Could this mean that we are heading for a Nike Wimbledon surprise?
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    Asics Court FF Novak

    Noooooooooooo, now we will have another round of ecstatic anti-Novak trolls, trolling about Novak, Asics shoes, logos, etc. Such a waste of internet space and time.
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    Anyone Else Find the Vapor X Laces to Be Too Short?

    Actually, I do... big time.
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    The Uniqlo Fed Curse

    Kids... gino was actually referring to karma, not to the Uniqlo itself... and I believe that gino could be right.
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    Nike Vapor X

    Is it only a U.S. release, or they will be available worldwide... the Kyrie shoe?
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    Evolution of Federer's WTF Kit

    I think you got the wrong 2013 picture... RF should be wearing the Zoom Vapor 9 Saville Row model. Anyhow, I was always wondering why he did not wear the polo he was supposed/projected to wear that year (the mint green with parachute green collar), but he stubbornly stick to the one in the picture?
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    Nike Vapor X

    I was wearing Vapors 9/9.5 in size 11 and the sizing was perfect, in every sense. Also, before that, all previous Vapors 8/7/6/5 were of the same size. Now, I got recently Vapors X (both BRED and Air Max models) in the same size. They both fit like a glove, but I cannot escape the feeling that...
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    Nike Vapor X

    He he he. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.75
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    Tennis Sneaker GOAT

    Brings back some memories I thought they were long forgotten... I was 16 at that time, so it is a must that I opt for this sneaker. However, all the recent vapors (apart from the X model) are very close contenders. Of course, it is only how I see things.
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    Nike Vapor X

    Saw the Pink X yesterday, at the local store... and I really don't know what to say. If my counting is right, I was having a total of 10 or 11 Vapors 9/9.5/Flyknits/RF AJX... so, I believe that I am competent to say what I think, or feel regarding the Xs. In my opinion, the shoe is rather odd...
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    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    I am glad that you were able to do so. I never really said thanx for all of your instructions. Actually, I did as you suggested and was able to, finally, get hold of them. So, officially, thank you.
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    Outfit of the year, 2000-2017

    By far, the Maestro's pre-US Open outfit back in 2013: