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    Question on customizing

    Let's assume you take a racket that is 10.7 oz, 1 point HH, What would you do to make it 11.2 oz while keeping it 1 point HH?
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    Thank you very much. I really like the 940 and would like to keep it. Now I have an option. lcw
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    They have 3 teeth.
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    I have been using an Egnas Flex 940 for 2 years and never had any problems with the machine. So far I used it about 20 times because I only string for myself and my wife. We rarely break the strings so we change them only because of tension loss. The 940 takes more room than I would like so I...
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    Luxilon why?

    Every time I see Couurier on TV he is pushing this string. First what string exactly he is touting and second is he being sincere? Thanks
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    anyone still using a C10

    How many C10s are there? I see C10, C10 MP etc... How does it compare to the DNX10 and DNX10MP inpower alone? Thanks
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    elbow friendly racquet

    Stiffnes does not necessarely cause arm problems. I have a very old and fragile arm and never had any issues while using any VOLKL racquet regardless of stiffnes. lcw
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    volkl tour 9 V-engine 16x19 2nd ever review i think??

    My wife (level 4.5 to 5 ) uses this racquet and prefers it to her old stick the PD. She produces plenty of spin and power with it. I personally used it every now and then and found it to be a nicer hit than the DNX 9. No racquet was ever built to suite every body and perception often gets in...
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    Prince Air DB

    PS60: Seeing that you hit with a VOLKL, it will be interesting to read your commet after you hit wih it for a while .
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    Prince Air DB

    MP and OS. Any comments on this racquet is appreciated especially comfort. Did any one experience arm trouble with it?
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    New racquet for Tennis elbow...

    Both DNX v1 and Classic V1 are arm friendly. Many people switch to these racquets to avoid arm problems. Don't be fooled by the weight on the classic v1 it can produce just about any shot in the book and with great comfort to boot. The classic v1 will go in history as one of the best racquets...
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    ***Volkl DNX10 MP Review***

    That was a cheap shot since you don't know the real reason some one is selling/exchanging a racquet.
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    ***Volkl DNX10 MP Review***

    This got to be the most underrated racquet ever but if you overlook the string bed and color, this is a sweet stick especially if you string it at low tension.
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    DNX9 revisited

    Mojo: Funny how things turn out some times. They say to switch to lighter racquets as you get older, I find the opposite to be more appropriate. I am too old to generate heavy spin and powerful strokes. The vision is fluctuating and the reflex is down the toilet. I reshaped my game to use a...
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    Volkl V1 Classic

    Alley cat: I used the V1 classic and the V1 Hotspot before it when I played an aggressive game on hard courts. Due to health issues related to old age, I am a baseliner junky now playing exclusively on clay. The DNX10 MP is more forgiving especially when I am late seeing the ball. I can...