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    Does anyone have video of celebrities playing?

    Possibly one of the best comments ever in these forums.
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    Does anyone have video of celebrities playing?

    None. Every one of them looks awkward af playing.
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    Top 3 lefties of all time

    Don’t combine men and women. It’s stupid. They’re basically two different sports.
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    Federer and pin point accuracy

    Isn't this the point that made David Foster Wallace **** in his famous article?
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    No more pretty tennis?

    Are you high? Djokovic's style of play is hideous. He is anything but aesthetic. Nadal's isn't ugly, but no one would really call it pretty either. FAA looks good especially from the forehand side.
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    I think I'm one of the most legit posters here...

    What goes through a person's head to make such a stupid thread like this?
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    If Novak do this one thing, he would get media's love instantly

    What are you talking about? No one gives a **** where he’s from. Most people who don’t follow tennis as closely as we do don’t even know where he’s from. His issue is not his nationality.
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    One of the scariest levels on a Grass Court

    Why would you agree with that viewpoint? You would be an imbecile to believe that.
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    GOAT Exhibition Match?

    This one by miles
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    Federer News

    Press conference at 4:15. Walkover announcement incoming. We all knew it was coming. Oh well. I'm numb to being disappointed by him at this point.
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    Federer not on practice schedule today

    I don’t look at people’s usernames. For all I know I’m calling the same person an a*shole in one thread and a kind gentleman in another.
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    Federer not on practice schedule today

    Who has made excuses? And I don’t think anyone is even saying that if he doesn’t withdraw that he would lose because of the groin injury. He has little chance of winning because of his poor form this tournament.
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    2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]

    I really want this match to happen, even if Fed gets slaughtered. But I have a very strong, bad feeling he’s going to announce a withdrawal today.