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    Why does Djokovic have such a poor overhead/smash?

    Dropshots are under his control; he can hit as many of them as he would like. So that's why there was more dropshot attempts.
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    nick tells it like it is

    There have been multiple threads about this interview and these exact comments. Why do you feel the need to make a new thread just so the attention can be on you? Have some tact.
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    What is the single most ugliest shot in tennis?

    No one is going to take you seriously if you try to say the ugliest shot is what almost all people unanimously consider the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
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    Federer News

    Fed hasn't played a match at 38 years old yet.
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    A pictographical comparison of Top 3 performances at the slams

    "Pictographical". Screenshot crops from Wikipedia.
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    Who's likely to hold the slam record - Serena, Nadal or Djokovic ?

    Women's tennis is a different sport. Even if Serena got 200 slams, it couldn't be compared to men's tennis.
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    Now Freak Out

    Zverev = Berdych
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    Djokovic and the Channel Slam

    The YE#1 being recognized and discussed more often doesn't raise it above being #1 at any other point. It factually has no more value. It's simply interesting to look at who the best player was in that [calendar] year, especially when there's a brief respite and time to discuss things.
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    Djokovic and the Channel Slam

    YE#1 absolutely is not an achievement in and of itself. It's no more an achievement than #1 on any arbitrary date of the year. Until points stop being a trailing 52 weeks and are redefined to only accumulate beginning January 1st, then there is no logical argument for anything calendar year...
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    Djokovic and the Channel Slam

    As much as I don't want him to have the achievement, four in a row is four in a row. The calendar year means nothing in tennis.
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    What was the best tennis season?

    Most electricity-in-the-air season I've experienced.
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    Federer News

    That's actually pretty clever. Well done.
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    Federer News

    I would rather give crap to someone who doesn't matter about something that doesn't matter.
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    Federer News

    "BEL21VE" is so outright stupid. "BEL18VE" made sense - and even "BEL19VE" was fine. The "1" is the "I" and the "8/9" is the "E". Trying to make "21" replace "IE" makes you look like a fool.