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    Federer' best forehand performance?

    Federer Hewitt 2004 US Open Final
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    Medvedev is strangely captivating to watch lol

    I used to feel the same way about Ljubicic. A lot of similarities between the two actually.
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    The Week Roger Federer PERfected Tennis

    He invented it before that.
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    Andy Murray reveals his daughter talked him out of retirement after Wimbledon as he targets Olympic medal in Tokyo

    If that's not just the corniest crap. Some things need to be kept to yourself even if it did actually happen. I'm sure places like reddit are eating it up with a spoon though.
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    Will Djokovic wind up completing the Grand Slam in New York?

    What an exciting thread with an original question
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    The Olympics are of no interest to anyone.

    It’s worse than that. It’s an exhibition. It only awarded points three times ever. And even then, not very many.
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    Novak Djokovic thinks that he is currently playing the best tennis in his career

    That's not a thing. Time doesn't magically guide anything into evolving for the better. Unless there are significant changes in racquet technology, drugs, or some other big unforeseen factor that will cause players to increase skill and athleticism, the overall level of play will just waver.
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    Just how high was the level of tennis in the Laver/Rosewall era?

    With Laver's talent and athleticism, he absolutely would be a top player today had he been born in the 80s or 90s.
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    Who has the better backhand Murray or Safin?

    So what? Those are just videos made by a random person. They have no more authority than any arbitrary poster in this thread.
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    Who has the better backhand Murray or Safin?

    Second round. He’s only won one match so far.
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    TRAGIC!!! Unbearable to watch!!! Praying for no more injuries in this tournament

    I believe the injuries were significantly worse in recent history during the first week at SW19. I believe 2013 had like half a dozen or so by the first Wednesday.
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    Kings of Grass

    Yes, the soil has the largest effect. That's been established.