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    Is Cincy a slam?

    Anything is a slam now. Any live tennis event attended by at least 1,000 spectators would seem like a slam at this point. But having said that, there's a chance that no slam will ever be held ever again.
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    Let's assume the UO and RG are not cancelled

    Winning 4 USO titles is pretty tremendous for a desperate clay-courter. He's just maximizing his chances of becoming the GOAT, which means he may skip USO. He's won USO 25% of the time, as opposed to his 80% RG win rate, so it'd be pretty understandable.
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    Roland Garros moved to September - not a drill

    Psy-op. How the hell do they know things will be okay by then? It only makes sense if....
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    Monfils: "Monfils: 'Nothing Is Gifted, Nothing Is About Talent'

    Nonsense. Everything is about genetic gifts and being born into privilege on the basis of one's gender and heritage, no?
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    Should the rankings be "frozen"?

    Well, who else gives off a better indication that they "will be YE#1"? Djokovic has as good as an argument as anyone by far. If there "will be" a YE#1, then as of right now it's Djokovic.
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    USA bans all travel from Europe for the 30 days. Players hoping to play in Miami would need to arrive by Midnight friday

    Obviously the per capita rate is far higher in the Schengen zone than in the UK. I mean, the sheer level of mathematical misunderstanding that people will stoop to in order to take the moral high ground over you know adorable.
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    USA bans all travel from Europe for the 30 days. Players hoping to play in Miami would need to arrive by Midnight friday

    It should have happened months ago if we were ever going to take this thing seriously. Taking half-measures at this point is immaterial. Overwhelmed medical infrastructure and millions of threatened elderly folks? Meh, what about muh quarterly economic data and tennis tournaments?
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    When Djokovic surpasses Roger, will he mock him ???

    Djokovic already mocked Federer by walking off so nonchalantly after winning Wimbledon 2019. That gesture made me realize two things. First, I don't like Djokovic and would prefer Nadal to hold the slam record instead. Secondly, Federer is not the GOAT.
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    Fed has been just EPIC against 3 of his trickiest matchups since the racquet change!

    His trickiest match-up is a 5th set against Djokovic in a slam.
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    So if Nadal never had an era of his own, does that mean he actually had the toughest competition of the big three?

    I think it's equal. Nadal had the ultimate, seemingly neverending clay era. Outside clay, Federer had the early "weak era," and Djokovic had the later "weak era."
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    If Wawrinka manages to win slam #4, do you think many would prefer Stan's career over Murrays?

    I love how Murray being British and having a high net worth count as arguments in his favor. As long as we're going to allow such subjective arguments, we might as well admit how impressive Wawrinka's performances have been. If he wins a 4th slam, I would definitely prefer his story, tennis-wise.
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    Tennys would be alot more fun to watch with a higher SW

    Of course Federer is a climate denier. He has 4 kids, despite the world ending in 11 years, and spews out a massive "carbon footprint" flying all over the place. If he really cared, he would sacrifice himself to the climate for the greater good, Making Tennis Great Again, or at least take...
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    Top American qualifier snubs Olympic games

    Well that makes sense, considering Djokovic is a lot more important to Serbia than Sam Querrey is to America. Sam Querrey in America is about the 9999th most popular athlete.
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    What statistics do you look for when measuring match quality?

    Still the eye test is the most valid way to do it. Look away from statistics and toward playing level in real time. Break point conversion rate: It doesn't necessarily imply match quality. A server could just play high-quality break points and happen to save most of them. Or the returner could...
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    WTF title: One Glaring Big Hole in Nadal's career

    I'd be over the moon if I were a Nadal fan right now. 19 slams? FIVE years at number one? Oldest year-end number one ever despite supposedly being condemned to a short career due to clay court specialization? Next year, he's golden. There's almost no way he doesn't hold the slam record at some...