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    Some incredible points and Federer's first choking moments against Djokovic. And why Djokovic abandoned aggression ?

    He was more extravagantly aggressive against Federer then because he thought he had to be. Shots like 2:29 would almost never be attempted today except on throwaway points. These days, he would usually spin that ball back, safe and deep, confident that he can beat Federer while taking very few...
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    Palermo player tests positive for That Thing

    How do you think vaccination works? It is to literally spread the virus itself, in "small" or "weakened" amounts, according to the supplier's definition of what constitutes small, weakened, or manageable amounts of the infection, such that an individual's immune system can defeat the infection...
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    Palermo player tests positive for That Thing

    Everyone is positive for that thing. Just take the test enough times, and you'll get it.
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    Do women really generate equal revenue compared to men in terms of broadcasting and ticket sales?

    It's admirable to lie about men and women being equal in absolutely every way if it's a good PR message that makes tournaments look hip and trendy.
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    Timea Bacsinszky : World No.1 doesn't really show a good example

    Djokovic sets a great example. We would be better off if everyone acted as he has.
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    Was Federer's 2019 Wimbledon loss a traumatic event in your life?

    It was the most disillusioning moment in professional tennis for me. Federer choked once again, in the same way, except even worse this time, to the same guy. Federer is not the GOAT. Djokovic's bizarre lack of celebration when winning also put a strange aura on the match. It was as though he...
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    Benoit Paire says no to US Open

    What dangers? Is he dying, or more so having to apologize and explain himself to the mob, who care more about his test result than his condition and symptoms (if any...)? This is akin to a witch hunt.
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    Now official: Djokovic joins Dimitrov and Coric.

    Why would this change his opinion on vaccination? He's going to easily gain immunity on his own. In fact, he's already immune, and there's evidently nothing to recover from.
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    Andy Murray on Novak Adria tour debacle : ‘Not a good look for the sport’

    Djokovic is taking it as seriously as Serbia is taking it, apparently. And they're doing fine.
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    Dominic Thiem tested negative for coronavirus after returning to Austria

    Test him again until he tests positive! Don't you know there are "false negatives"? It's a outrage.
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    Novak Djokovic must 'feel responsibility' at coronavirus at Adria Tour, says Evans

    True, but in the old pre-PC days, people weren't so weak and controllable as to succumb to mass lockdown orders on the anticipation of a bad flu season in the first place.
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    25: The magic number for Federer and Djokovic

    It's a true fact. Somebody is winning at least 25 slams, so Federer and Djokovic have that number to chase after.
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    BIG 3 at 33 years of age

    Are you serious? That's the most shocking of all to me. I remember him being 18 like it was a few years ago.
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    Strange/weird/odd/shocking things in tennis

    After the famous Soderling match, Nadal won twice as many RG titles as before.