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    How should you adjust to a big server going for 2 1st serves?

    Stay awake on his second serve but stand in a step or 2.
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    Baseball pitchers with insane shoulder flexibility (ESR)

    Women gymnasts have better flexibility too
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    2HBH - grab thumb like golf?

    It IS possible to lock just before to just after impact, while flexing into and out of the swing.
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    2HBH - grab thumb like golf?

    You must not hit 2hbh. Locked wrist is for the 1' before and after impact with a moving incoming ball. You don't want the variability of a hinge at that moment, you want consistent and replicable....that is why players choose 2hbh over 1hbhn
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    2HBH - grab thumb like golf?

    Locked wrists for tennis. Hinged wrists for smacking a stationary ball.
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    Follow through in the flat serve?

    Across denotes spin. At the target denotes flat.
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    Big servers with shallow racquet drops??

    Watching a golf long drive contest, every person uses long backswing
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    Returning low slice deep serve?

    Slice it into a corner like a low volley
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    The #1 Way To Objectively MEASURE Progress In Tennis?...

    Dealing with humans is not the same as science and math. Engineers and doctors have to adapt to live in the real world.
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    Ankle pain. Need advice from “TTW Docs”!

    Overuse symptoms. Try on court time of 2.5 hours and see.
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    Don Budge Advised Mac To Approach Up The Middle.

    Depends what your opponent is doing to your approaches. Playing a losing game is not productive.
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    Offensive backhand slice instruction

    Not amateurish, Med was on his last legs and didn't want to quicken his end by using effort he needed to save.
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    Tips on SW grip?

    Relaxed hand, racket face is flat to the ground.
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    Offensive backhand slice instruction

    Danil was hitting shorter as he got more tired in the 4th. Also bending low takes more energy as you tire.
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    Medvedev backhand grip

    Split grip is used by a few... Med is 6'6".