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    Which of these two groups of players is better?

    Everyone in B is a slam winner AND a former #1.
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    Anyone know anything about the American kid who made the finals of the French ?

    Anybody going to mention that he's the little brother of Nicole Vaidisova? That his brother-in-law is Radek Stepanek? Yeah, he's been groomed for the pros since birth.
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    What is the end game for college tennis? What's the point?

    The "end game" is the same for all of us. We hopefully find meaning in what we do day in, day out....And then, at some point, being biological beings, we die.
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    Tennis admissions scandal

    There are a number of ways the students might not have known. For example: if the student took the test and then the completed student test was exchanged for a different completed test before being submitted for scoring.
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    Sport Illustrated podcast on effect of transition tour on college (and jr) tennis

    Check what UTR is doing concurrent with the LA futures event for players who don’t get into or lose in qualies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sport Illustrated podcast on effect of transition tour on college (and jr) tennis

    Just an example to emphasize the points made by Geoff: Thomas Laurent, top 5 ITA - who last week beat Ernesto Escobedo twice, beat Brandon Holt, and lost in a competitive match to Sam Querrey - will be unable to even get into the qualifying draw of a $15k without a wildcard because he has no ATP...
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    National signing week

    Just to clarify, Brooksby has NOT signed an NLI yet.
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    Who's the best tennis player who plays another sport professionally?

    Here's a talented junior who made his mark in professional basketball.... Guesses?
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    SW's most telling statement

    Wow, why not substitute “whites” for “women “ and “blacks” for men, and see how absurd this comment is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Serena Williams

    Only disagreement is I don’t think that’s a typical feminist. It’s a narcissistic, privileged, and entitled bully stealing the language of feminism for her own self-serving ends. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Serena Williams

    Was Medvedev the victim of Russophobia when he was defaulted on the spot for implying an umpire was racially biased towards his opponent? Was Fognini the victim of a double standard against hot headed Italian men when he was disqualified at last year’s Open for calling an umpire a *****? Sent...
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    No offense to Brooksby....

    Knowing this kid for some time now, I'll offer an opinion: Brooksby has intangibles you won't be able to see at first glance, and definitely not unless you see him in person. Incredible self-confidence and belief. He thinks he can beat anybody. Doesn't hit "hard," but does hit very heavy...
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    Six matches in one day

    Their coach freely acknowledged they received over-the-table monetary compensation which they will funnel directly into their program.
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    Where to find full matches?

    You Tube: Subscribe to "J10S" and "Matt Lin." Each have posted a number of college and futures matches, pretty high quality, usually edited to eliminate between point time.
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    The Pacific 10 Alliance!

    Saw their match at Cal when they played Stanford. Good talent, especially Laurent, but not impressed with the team culture. Flat attitudes. Tanking and showboating seem acceptable. They were the same at ITA regionals in the Fall. Recruiting seems an afterthought. I think they're headed for a...