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    Pick your quarter-finalists Wimbledon 2006

    Federer-Ancic Nalbandian-Philippoussis Safin-Roddick LOPEZ!!!-Nadal
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    Worst WTA serve ever?

    lol, my 1st serve can speed up to 120 plus, once 130, but my 2nd serve is also 60+
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    WANTED:300 dollars for 3 pure drives

    im loooking to buy 3 babolat pure drives, willing to offer 300 dollars for them
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    Wimbledon Quarter Finalists

    federer ljubicic nalbandian ancic f. lopez hewitt philipoussis karlovic
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    yonex vibe damps

    lol tenniswarehousre rackets do not come with damps, i dunno y
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    vibe damps that give a "solid" sound

    what are vibe damps, that give a solid sound? i know that the volkl and the ntrap gives a sloid sound, any others?
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    Nike Bandanna Hair tie

    well i added lead tape to my n6, 12.4 oz too, like my tour 90, but i rarley use the n6, mainly for back up
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    Who will be the surprise at Wimby´s QFs?

    F Lopez!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vamos Feli
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    Federer breaks up with partner

    i dont think he'll split with mirka
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    Now, I know why pros can play for over 5 hours while amateurs can't*

    everytime i play, i bring a lil kid neighbor, pay him 50 bucks after
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    Could Dunlop sue Prince?

    no they cant sue, they cant prove it s audnlop, if it says its a prince, its a prince
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    Who will win in Nottingham ?

    feli lopez will win
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    Funny thing abou this

    wow, dechy is hot
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    who will win queens?

    feliciano lopez