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    Novak Djokovic = Marat Safin ?

    Flashier backhand does not equal more talented.
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    Where are all the people with friends who are Wilson reps?

    Exactly. What Wilson produces for Federer is nothing short of trade secret. If a rep knows about it, it's no longer a secret.
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    First and last Slam for Stan?

    Yeah sure, whatever you say.
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    First and last Slam for Stan?

    It's not a complete fluke. He caught fire this time. If he catches fire again, he can win again. A complete fluke would be if you catch fire, and all your opponents flounder. So you needed two unlikely events to happen at the same time (1: you play amazingly well, and 2: your opponents play...
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    Stan Exposed Rafa's weakness.

    He proved that if you're red shot, hitting big shots after big shots without missing, you can beat Nadal. Sure, that's no secret. If you can do that consistently, you would be the World's #1.
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    Who is better, peak Safin or pick Federer?

    The case of Federer and Safin is not just head-to-head, but against everybody else.
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    Who is better, peak Safin or pick Federer?

    IMO, saying peak Safin is better than peak Federer is like asking, 2 players played 100 matches. One player won 99 matches, and the other player won 1 match. Who was the better player at his peak? You answer the guy who won one match, because he was able to beat a 99% winning guy 1% of the time.
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    New Prince classic graphite 107

    Yes, but there are plenty of Tour Graphite vs. 4-stripe POG comparisons on this forum, so i assumed that he would figure out that all those comparisons would apply to the current "Classic Graphite."
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    New Prince classic graphite 107

    TW people have said that the new 107 Prince Classic is identical to be Tour Graphite version. Now TW people have no incentive to tell you that those two racquets are the same if they are not. They have every incentive to tell you that those two racquets are different, so you may go out and buy...
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    Why do people consider Division 3 Tennis a waste of time?

    If you go to school for the school, and do not aspire to be a professional athlete, D-III league is a great place to compete at a relatively high level, make life-long friends, learn teamwork, etc., and doing all these things without having to devote 100% of your life on a game. Now if you...
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    Azarenka's counter attack, men should play best of 3?

    And playing a single set will cut down the number of injuries even more.
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    Why are used tennis rackets almost worthless?

    It means the demand is manufactured. In other words, there is no real demand for the racquet you bought. Your "want" is manufactured by the racquet company. They artificially set a MSRP. Some racquets hold value better because the demand is real. It's like the difference in secondary market...
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    CNN graphene article

    ... created with a pencil and a scotch tape, as the scientist who first made it. Put Nobel Prize winning physics to tennis racquet technology!
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    CNN graphene article

    It's great for making the next generation touchscreens and monitors.