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    if mariano puerta had won 05 RG , what happend ?

    he would be called Houdini
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    2020 is looking tasty

    Delpo as well hopefully
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    ATP world tour finals 2019 -- who do you want to see make it

    i've been waiting since this was poasted for someone to say Berretini.......i think he could make the semi final if he qualifies!
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    Why do people say Nadal has crisis of confidence after 2014 Australian Open final...when he won his very next tournament?

    and thats why he ripped the tour to shreds in 2015 isnt it :laughing:
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    Daniil Medvedev dismisses Roger Federer

    exactly right! not her fault though,she's a kid who'a been brainwashed
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    Daniil Medvedev dismisses Roger Federer

    did she get a time violation or something?
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    Rafa Nadal is the best tennis player to ever live

    how did he get away with cheating so much?
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    Rafa Nadal is the best tennis player to ever live

    he needs to prove he can beat Berretini again
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    Who is with me?

    Fed whacked a ball into the crowd earlier in the match as well,as for sacking an umpire that enforces the rules,,,i think he deserves a pay rise
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    Nadal Has Now Skipped over 40 "Big" Tournaments

    Too right! I wonder how many of the tournaments he missed were on clay I'll have a guess at 2 or 3?
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    Predict when Nadal wins #21?

    your opposite logic is quite logical
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    Federer fans what does Nadal need to do for him to pass Federer in terms of greatness in your eyes?

    how many breaks throughout the year do the top players have?3 or 4 weeks at a time but come the wtf they are exhausted? 5 or 6 weeks later theyre brand new and ready to go again hey?
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    % of GS matches played against top5

    how many matches won against top 5?