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    US Open go back to it's original safety measure plans for coming back the human race summed up in 5 seconds
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    What happened to Novak's eye

    gave himself an uppercut?
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    federe nadal similarities

    give yourself an uppercut!
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    The Last Time Roger Federer Clinched World No. 1

    peak injured or rusty something something
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    Can a weak or strong period be actually be proven?

    have a look at how many low ranked players the top guys have lost to in slams and it will tell you a story weak era,strong era? anyone can knock the big guys out on their day so how can you gauge eras?
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    Diet of a Champion

    those earlobe creases are a worry......looks like he needs a real drink!
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    Nadal is 100% healthy whenever he loses

    "If you’re injured, you don’t play; if you play, you’re not injured”
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    Brown/Rosol/Rafa and Lightning in a Bottle...... tennis a ball that is 99% out is 100% in,same goes for match points, you win it or you dont
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    nadal and his all wimbledon early round loses

    you should also add the matches versus lower ranked players he has just scraped through in early rounds also isnt it
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    Djokovic declares he will bread all time slam record and he will be GOAT and make federer and nadal look like lamb

    not very often and there is good reason for it! Fed fans do not BS in the first place :)