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    Dimitrov or Tsitsipas: who is the better Federer?

    diMUG conveniently comes through in Vienna..
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    Dimitrov or Tsitsipas: who is the better Federer?

    Dimugtrov 1-7 H2H v fedr Athens Assasin 2-2 H2H v 35+ y.o. fedr
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    Mouratoglou: modern tennis is a fake contest to see who can be the nicest

    This is the state of everything right now, not just sports. If you say/do anything that could be somehow be offensive not matter how unlikely and mostly likely taken out of context... you risk being the "bad guy"
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    Djokovic Lacoste outfits: full catalogue

    shoulda gone navy court FF2 + dark socks like USO18 but other than that Vienna kit is looking good
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    Why is Djokovic often off balance?

    the same reason why he 40-15d fedr...whenever you think he's down and out, he's never out. whenever he takes a MTO you better not choke either (refer to carreno busta)
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    Why don't experts talk more about shortening a racquet as a possibility to get more control?

    Shot in the dark but..probably because cutting your handle down is irreversible? You can always cut your strings out or peel lead off if the SW is too high but once your hairpin is cut down you're stuck with that and good luck selling it if all goes south
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    Will we see a carbon plated tennis shoe ?

    I'm leaning towards this. I am an aggressive mover (slide a lot) and I find the twist truss system in shoes like Asics to be far more superior in allowing you to scramble to get to balls out wide and then springing you back towards the middle to control your court positioning. Can't see much...
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    The PJ on the 95 was from 2012 last time I checked...? all the amplified ones felt muted imo. The 2014 was supposed to be crisp feeling just straight graphite/kevlar.
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    Best BLUE shirts worn by pro players

    peak era fedr FO 2010..lost to sod but idc USO 2010 stan AO 10. blue shirt black shorts/socks/barricade 6s no explanation needed
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    Leather Grip

    Johnny Mac still uses leather only in his exos last time I saw
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    Dimitrov Nike shoes in Antwerp?

    So these will be on the shelf in addition to the vapor x? Can’t see rog switching to these
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    Any racquet that feels similar to Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    PS97 or RF97 with vs touch you cant go wrong. Full bed if your shoulders/arm are tender. If you really play attacking all court tennis with the PS85 none of these other raquets will feel right and if you are getting arm pains a mid is going to make it worse if you arent striking the ball...
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    Do Not Buy Wilson Custom Velvet Racket

    came across this one recently...yikes dunno why they can't use matte like they used to have
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    Djokovic believes he is maybe in the best form of his career currently.

    Well I guess that trip to the energy mountains really paid off :-D :-D :-D
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    Looking for new Tennis Cap...

    I use Lacoste hats.. have like 3- a couple regular ones and a Nole version. The only thing I would say is they are like a magnet for dust especially if they are black! Also since it doesn't have mesh any where its probably more obvious..