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    Dimitrov doesn't have a clothing contract?

    Rafa is the only tier 1 on the Nike men’s side. Dimi is tier 2 which is why he gets his own kits. Everyone else is niketeam.
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    Dimitrov doesn't have a clothing contract?

    ?? He’s a tier 2 Nike athlete and has been for a while
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    Is this a paint chip or crack?

    looks like a chip I wouldn't worry about it structurally
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    You can slide on hard courts?

    Ironically I don’t see more people sliding when I play on clay. They just take more steps and try as hard as they can to play like it’s a HC lol I grew up on HC so learned on hard first. Clay is different but in a good way- easier to hit a variety of shots. I’ve seen middle schoolers all the...
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    Diego Fila servebot tee

    I’m going to lol so hard if this catches on. They also need the pink tote with pretentious art gallery name and to carry all their sticks stacked on one handle despite carrying a 12 pack to have the official servbot starter kit
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    Diego Fila servebot tee

    For the same reason the guy with the nickname “Tiny” is anything but tiny lol
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    Diego Fila servebot tee

    Are they out yet or did Reilly give them to a fan? Find it hilarious if he lurks TT
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    You can slide on hard courts?

    You can do it in any shoe I’ve done it. The main thing is you have to be at peak speed right before you stop so that you have enough momentum to carry you through the slide. Most people have a mental block so they will take like 3 steps to deccel afterwards instead of sliding. That being said...
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    Why does Murray dislike many of the younger guys?

    He should thank Zod for gifting him that last game. Would really like to see him play daniil. That will be hilarious
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    Diego Fila servebot tee

    am I seeing things? Is this actually real?:-D
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    Racquetholism at it again...360+ Prestige Mid or Pro?

    +1. The mid is amazing when you are on offensive but it suffers massively once you are in tough defensive positions especially when there are points on the line. if its just a stick for casual play I'd pick the mid all day.
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    How many beam types are there??

    Box beam- ps85/ps90/prestige/vcore 97 Round box beam-ps/rf97/vcore95/speed Rectangular-blade/pure strike Aero-ezone/pure aero Round-pure drive
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    Shoe Demo at TW?

    I'll usually get one my normal size and then one +- 1/2 size depending on the recommended fit so you're looking at least 2 pairs p/order. if trying multiple models it will definitely add up quickly but there's no good alternative locally so its basically unavoidable