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    godawful Chris Fowler

    Chris Fowler began as just a fill in guy to remind the audience of the score. Now he's out of control and never shuts up. I think most people are annoyed by him because 1. He talks too much, usually more than the celebrity commentators. 2. Has never played tennis so no one is interested in...
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    Is Luxilon ALU real bad on your arm?

    I have been using Luxilon Alu big banger 123 for years. I have never had a sore arm and I find that the string has a soft responsive feel superior to any other string that I've used. Two players players that I know have been told by their pros that Luxilon is too hard on the arm. Where is this...
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    TV camera angles: like them or not?

    Camera Angle I am so often disgusted with the high camera angles at most of the tournaments on TV. It is too high and too far away. The US Open is the worst offender because it used to have a great angle from cameras that right amongst the seats in the corporate seating areas at Armstrong...
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    Luxilon Big Banger Original

    I'm confused. Luxilon Big Banger Original's stringset claims "enormous power". Does this mean that a powerful player can hit the ball even harder and still maintain control or does it mean that the string itself provides more power without additional effort by the player? :(
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    Storm's Vids

    Hi Storm, Hope that you're still around and haven't opened a vein because of your service problems. I read all the stuff that everyone wrote disemboweling your service motion. In my unsolicited opinion, if you get your toss further out in front, you will no longer be hitting behind your head...
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    Head Two broken grommet holes now connected

    Two broken grommet holes now connected. I have always done two-piece hybrid stringing on this racquet so that rules out the obtuse turn of the string that jim e talks about. I suspect that the kevlar string that I have always used contributed to the breakdown of the space between the two...
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    Head Two broken grommet holes now connected

    Re the above "two broken grommet holes now connected" ...I don't believe a new grommet strip will help because the string will simply tear through the plastic grommet in hole 11 and rest next to the plastic grommet in hole 12. Linda
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    Head Two broken grommet holes now connected

    :cry: While stringing a Head Intelligence iS6, the mainstring broke through the grommet and also broke through the part of the frame which separates holes 11 and 12 (counted from the throat). Holes 11 and 12 are now connected and it seems that this has rendered the racquet unstringable unless...
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    Head RIP Ti Fibre discontinued

    Head RIP Ti Fibre has been discontinued and I'm desperate to find a similar string. Can anyone suggest a comparable? :confused: Thanks.
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    Landing foot on the serve

    Great information Trinity TC. NLBwell, very interesting information. You're right, forward motion into the court (for serve and volley) is more fluid with the dominant foot landing. I would never have been able to pick that out. The server remains more upright and there's no interruption...
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    Landing foot on the serve

    WBF: You asked me to post some instances of someone serving and landing on the dominant foot. Go to YouTube and search videos for "Boris Becker serves 5 aces in a row". (I don't know how to post a link.)
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    Landing foot on the serve

    Landing foot on the serve. Donnygg, you're absolutely right about the old rule requiring that both feet be on the ground during the entire serve, however, this went out long before Becker and Sabbatini (by the way, I don't remember her landing on the dominant foot). This old rule was why so...
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    Landing foot on the serve

    When serving, most, if not all, current top ranked pros land momentarily on the undominant foot and then almost immediately land with all of their weight on the dominant foot. Right handed players land momentarily on the left foot and then on the right foot. Left handed players land...