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  • I read in an old post that you modified your X-2 so it has a table brake. Could you provide any info on how you did that? I have an X-6FC with no table brake, and I have to string a lot of Ektelon and Head racquetball racquets. Thanks.
    Hey what stringer would be best for racquetball? I posted a pretty big question, wondered if you'd take a look, thanks!
    Hi there, Do you think a 2 point mounting system is satisfactory considering today's modern & sometimes expensive racquets? See what you wrote below... Thanks!!!

    "OP, Get an Gamma X-2 for $200.00 bucks and then buy $300.00 worth of the string you like on reels. The X-2 will handle 4-5 racquets a month easy and if you do the same racquets over and over, it becomes a piece of cake. Buy a cheap reel of $17.00 Forten nylon string first and practice stringing and tying knots with it.

    Believe it or not, most of the time what ever you buy will just be sitting in the corner of the room collecting dust."
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