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    Does Federer Actually Play With the RF97?

    Just waiting for the tin foil hat brigade to see this and start their counter attack...
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    The best Wilson Six One 95?

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    SpinToWin's 2016 modern player's racquet playtest

    Spin, may I ask what your balance point preference is for your racquets? I ask as I'm curious given I was in as similar situation to you (previously played with a modified Pro Staff 95, demoed a number of racquets, including a couple of the racquets on your list, and ended up opting for a 97s -...
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    Wilson releasing Pro Staff 97S for Dimitrov (specs. included)

    If you don't want to remove the foam filling (which might be a good idea given that this is your first attempt at modifying), you're better off just putting the tack in the actual trapdoor of the buttcap itself. That said you'll find it pretty hard to add 15g of tack in the trapdoor so a better...
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    Rafa's actual racquet

    With his racquet head speed and extreme top spin game how do you know he wouldn't just break a thinner gauge far too quickly i.e. before each racquet change? Either way, it's hard to say with any certaintly that durability has nothing to do with it.
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    Rafa's actual racquet

    Probably for durability purposes
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    PS97S (Dimitrov) EATS strings

    @teekaywhy - I thought it was a pretty good set up. Very comfortable and plush with good power. It also offered good access to spin and control was suprisingly decent too. Only issue, as I mentioned, was string durability though the cold and sometimes damp weather conditions here in the UK are...
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    Babolat Soft Drive string?

    @esgee48 @mainandcrosses - both theories are entirely plausible. Will be interesting to see what @Babolat Official come back with...
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    Babolat Soft Drive string?

    Thanks - that would be helpful.
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    Gamma Glide: Worth the price now?

    What's the elasticity/snap back of Glide like? If it offers good elasticity and has decent power and comfort, it sounds like it could be a perfect main string to hybrid with a slick round poly...
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    PS97S (Dimitrov) EATS strings

    So far, my string jobs haven't lasted long at all. My first string job lasted about 3 hours before snapping - it was however Pro's Pro Kingut which is probably the least durable string I've ever used. Second string job was Nat Gut with Luxilon Element crosses which lasted about 10 hours...
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    Federer v Nisikori at WTF

    Federer played on Sunday evening and is playing in tonight's evening session so I'm 99% certain that he'll be playing in the day session on Thursday.
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    Rafa's actual racquet

    @Adv. Edberg I'm afraid not, phone was running out of battery so could only take a few. I'm there again on Thursday so will see what frames are being strung when I get there.
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    Official Pro Staff 97 S Club

    The other thing I'd add is that I feel that the 97S feels more stable and has better plowthrough than the 97.
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    Rafa's actual racquet

    @Sander001 I don't remember seeing any power pads. More likely to be Babolat's woofer system.