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    Yonex VCORE Pro 97 String Setup

    Using Yonex Poly Tour Pro 17 in mains, Yonex Poly Tour Fire 17 in cross at 45lbs. I think I'm going to drop it down to 42lbs next time.
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    What is your favorite Eminem song?

    Verse on Drake's Forever
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    Needing a suggestion for a new hybrid set

    +1 for YPTF as a cross with VS Touch mains
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    I have a set of Iso-Cream... What should I do with it?

    I've been using Volkl Cyclone Tour in the mains the Isospeed Cream in the crosses. Soft and lots of spin. Using at 44/45 tension
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    PlaySight video of 18+ 3.5 Men's Nationals match

    The pickleball lines were the first thing I noticed when I got on court..hella annoying.
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    PlaySight video of 18+ 3.5 Men's Nationals match

    Not sure these courts had the ability to get serve speed, spin, etc. I think only the collegiate courts did that..cuz they had more cameras per court. I could be wrong but I didn't remember any settings when I recorded all my matches.
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    PlaySight video of 18+ 3.5 Men's Nationals match

    :) You had to record the match against my team..hehe. It was a good guys played smart, nice tactics. It's cool that I can get a different angle from how I played in the adjacent court. And again, congrats on you winning 40+ nationals.
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    Volkl cyclone tour hybrid advise

    I just recently just did a hybrid with Cyclone Tour in the mains with Isospeed Cream in the crosses at 48/49 lbs. Only played with it for 2 hours but it's super soft with lots of spin and control.
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    The gut/poly thread

    I'm using VS/PTF in my setup and absolutely love it. Using it in a Yonex Pro 97 310 at 55/52
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    LITennisJD - Good seller

    Had an excellent transaction buying a racket from LITennisJD. Great communication and racket was exactly as described. Don't hesitate to do business with him.
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    Pure strike 98 16x19 can’t keep the ball in?!

    I was using a PS and had it strung with Cyclone at 45lbs and it actually felt better and more control than at higher tensions. However I've since switch to a Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310g and I absolutely love it
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    How many hours do you have on them so far?
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    Are the strings moving in your legend/velocity setup? I hate fixing strings and I've generally played with gut/poly or full poly for that reason.
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    Buying a Pure Strike 16x19 and dont know what to string it up with any suggestions

    I had my PS 16x19 strung with VS Touch / ALU Power and I think it's still too powerful. I've strung it with full bed Volkl Cyclone at 45lbs and it definitely tames the power.