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    Anyone watching Stephens/Ivanovic with me?

    stephens was way to passive in that final set, you would think being the underdog she could just go for it but she relied on ivanovic making errors. nerves also got to her with the double faults .... she can go quite hot and cold, i watched her a few week ago against rybarikova, she was just...
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    So who gets the night match on Monday?

    should really be murray raonic imo, organisers will want the closer match as with the exception of fish/simon, all the mens night matches have been in straight sets and not one set reached 5-5. federer and fish will probably be in straight sets, maybe 4 sets.
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    Djoker vs Tipsy - anyone watching?

    why cant tipsarevic go through? he's won one just like berdych and djokovic. his sets won ratio is 3-3, better than djokovic's 3-5, berdych is 3-3 if he loses it will be 3-5 or 4-5....
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    2011 USO Women's Final - Serena WILLIAMS vs Sam STOSUR

    shame about few people shouting almost everytime stosur hit a serve or shot after the game she broke.
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    Tsonga v Federer Quarter Finals

    anyone for another tsonga come back? odds are 10/1 right now
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    Tsonga v Federer Quarter Finals

    come onnnnnnn i wanna see a longggg match. they've cancelled the british doubles match which was on court 17...
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    Tsonga v Federer Quarter Finals

    This is for the bottom half of the draw
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    Tsonga v Federer Quarter Finals

    does anyone have live pictures of the court atm? is it being dried or still raining? ... over in the uk its showing last years womens final! -.-
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    Tsonga v Federer Quarter Finals

    is it still raining? ...can someone tell me why they don't cover the courts? it would save alot of time? or does it somehow affect how the court plays
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    Isner vs. Simon

    what happened to isner's hand?
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    Young v Wawrinka

    he deserves it young, but he must thrive on this and take out chela too which imo could be more difficult as chela doesn't really commit alot of unforced errors so this will be interesting.
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    Young v Wawrinka awful stats for stan, 72 unforced errors? i'm sure in every set he was a break up? i was flicking back and forth with this match and murrays match.
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    Memphis QF: Roddick vs Hewitt

    that 2nd serve at deuce was surely long?!?!? arghhhhhhhhhh
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    Any live streams for houston?

    title says it all ...
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    The OFFICIAL 2010 Australian Open Men's Draw Discussion Thread

    what are my chances of getting past the 4th round? ... whos gonna be playing first? federers half or nadals?