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    Where will Murray be ranked by the end of 2020?

    I don't think he will overplay, and he might only play in limited tourneys. But I do think he will have a few good runs, especially at slams. I would put him somewhere in the top 20? Maybe will break the top 10 early on with a good AO and IW. But see him finishing outside top 10 due to not...
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    How to stop fan wars

    Is that a bad or good thing that you have felt you have always known them? For me, I need to be with someone who gets me easily as with my OCD things can be misinterpreted or hard to deal with at times. The people I like most (and like me most) can pick up on nuances of my "odd" self. Having...
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    Can Andeh manage one more slam before retirement?

    If he continues this aggressive play and stays healthy, why not? He might need some things to fall his way, but it is definitely a possibility. Plus we have seen what he can do when he has a drive for something, and a renewed tennis career might be that.
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    The Second Coming Is Upon Us

    Just was refreshing to watch. I honestly had not watched him since he has come back except grass season. Was surprised he looked so good.
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    Djokovic is...

    Well, you want to play this game... 20 and 19 to 16. Think Fedal enjoy this part more.
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    The Second Coming Is Upon Us

    Dude looked good, finally, some aggressive tennis. Maybe it has been a while, but he seems pretty aggressive compared to old Murray.
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    Wawrinka & Murray next 2 Seasons?

    Andy Murray looks more impressive then I ever thought he would. He is playing very aggressive. I miss aggressive tennis, so this might be even better than I thought for the tour if he stays healthy.
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    Ancient Egypt is Creepy.

    The great pyramid has a 20 tons door that can be opened with one hand, and the entire inside of the pyramid never goes above 20 Celsius even in the summer. Too good to be just humans working on it. Also, they used to have a shirt glimmering outside that would reflect the sun that it would have...
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    Violating physics -- ball acceleration AFTER contact

    Yes, most returns are hit at about 45-50 mph. At least that is what I have seen before. I think this is where the radar should be aimed at, and what is truly important in the tennis aspect. Hit it early? Less time but more power coming back. Further back (Rafa), tons of time but less power to...
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    Violating physics -- ball acceleration AFTER contact

    So I take it you are just asking about the science? I was just curious if you were trying to say something about how the radar gun should try to pick up initial speed. I never understood why they used speed of what it was hit at. I would rather know the speed right after it hits the surface.
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    Build ultimate Next Gen

    Anybody under 30.
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    Ancient Egypt is Creepy.

    mohamed Safwat ranked 216. I wanna say Fed played one at a slam a few years back and it was a big deal. Can't remember though.
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    How to stop fan wars

    Yep. @tennis_pro and @clayqueen ?