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    Ridiculous expensive and little good choices.

    Pure Aero is a debatable. Why not buy an older slightly used previous model of the stick if you insist?

    Thin gauge bad for grommets?

    If it is splitting at the tie off's that is one thing as it is related to how the stringing is doing that. Otherwise, I have not seen issues. In the end I would say if you like the way the racquet performs with thinner string I would continue to use it vs. something that doesn't perform as...

    First round of string trials

    Yes, it will not perform the same as it is kind of like pre-stretching the strings. Again, I would probably practice first to avoid this type of thing so that if you mess up stringing a $3 set of synthetic gut you can just undo it and redo it again as practice vs. having to redo something you...

    What poly main string resists notching the best?

    Yup, it seems to be the case with spin racquets. They tend to lack control especially if a player has flat strokes and they eat strings like crazy which encourages players to put stiffer strings in them. I then usually get an ensuing request for a softer setup followed by a request for longer...

    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    The USTA still hasn't figured out I am a 2.5 yet. I must be doing something wrong!

    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    OK, something is not right. The national championship team from our section had no bumps either. I have an e-mail and notice on Tennislink that the new ratings are out but see no changes. Am I the only one with that notification?

    Official 2022 ratings thread.

    I don't get it. The national championship team from our district had no bumps...

    Looking for 5.0/5.5 Player for Tennis Film/Photo Shoot in Houston Area

    Why not reach out to the coach at Rice University?

    First round of string trials

    I would buy some sets of the cheapest synthetic gut you can find and string with that first until you feel you have it down.

    Toss falls apart - what to do against nerven?

    Thanks, I will give that a go.

    Toss falls apart - what to do against nerven?

    My toss has been complete garbage lately and I can't seem to figure out why. I feel like I am chasing the ball constantly. It is not even close to repeatable. I realize you guys can't do much without seeing it so will be heading to "serving 101 online tutorials" for that aspect of the game so...

    Anyone move from gut/poly to full poly for financial reasons?

    I am not as good as @aaron_h27 but I think each setup has it's advantages and disadvantages although I will say I get quite a bit longer playability with gut/poly and for that it is cheaper. I get better feel with the gut/poly hybrid around the net as well. With Full Poly I get much better...

    Question about selecting indoor shoes for wide feet (orthofeet )

    Them too! Not wide shoes.

    Question about selecting indoor shoes for wide feet (orthofeet )

    I am finding New Balances are running a 1/2 size short. I normally wear 8 1/2 (2E) but have been getting 9 (2E). I have a wide forefoot and a tall arch. Forget K-Swiss, Babolat, Asics 2E, you name it as I have tried them all.... I can't even get my foot into the top of them. New Balance is...

    Tension issue / technique question about portable stringing machine

    The distance the phone is away, how hard you strike the strings, and what you tap with impact volume not pitch. The pitch is what drives the reading. The volume simply drives the tools ability to sense the pitch or not but does not impact the value. As far as background noise I use the tool...