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    Golden set snake bite

    I have! I definitely prefer tour bite over hyper g though. Hyper G gets stuck (unlike tour bite where the string slides) and it gets annoyingly distracting. I just prefer to pop and spin i get with tour bite. I would actually prefer hyper G or tourbite over MP and snake bite. Only thing...
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    Golden set snake bite

    It’s pretty noticeable after a day or two. Idk if i became sensitive to fresh strings but it loses its solid feel and control quickly because it softens up. I would string it a couple lbs higher than usual. Still, its a great string for its value and that’s why i keep coming back to it. max...
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    Signum Pro Poly plasma

    Sorry to revive an old post but can someone compare Poly Plasma hextreme to solinco's tour bite? One of us is sponsored by Signum Pro and he's thinking about switching over to yellow jacket, x-perience, or poly plasma hextreme. His favorite string is Tour Bite and he loves stiffer, shaped, low...
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    Full match or highlights?

    Hi everyone, do you guys generally prefer to watch full matches or just the highlights?
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    Bad Reviews for new Adidas Barricade?

    We stopped wearing Barricades after 8. They just kept messing up and we kept going back to the 7s or the 5s. Those were the best IMO. Asics is honestly the best shoes that anyone can recommend. They're super hard to beat.
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    Serena's new racket?

    I wonder how drastic the difference will be between this and the pure aero plus. I did think about jumping to SW 104 before...
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    Selfie stick tripod to record tennis match

    Trial and error. I wasted a playing footage because it was angled too low. What helps is that in between change-overs, you can pause vid and check.
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    How often do you restring?

    I should also add that the clamps are adjustable. I just happened to forget to retighten them since I use them so often.
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    How often do you restring?

    You are absolute correct. When you first get the machine and start stringing, you'll immediately notice that the method needed to string will be different compared to regular stringing machines. I understand that on the road stringing can be expensive but one thing your daughter will need to...
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    Your favorite Tennis YouTube Channels

    I gotta say I’m a fan of Matt Lin, iRacer3, and TimTennis. Check us out too and let us know what you think.
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    Signum Pro Yellow Jacket vs X-perience

    Hi Richard, One of us is a sponsored player from Signum Pro but he's having trouble finding the right string. What's the most stiffest, spin friendly string that Signum Pro offers? His top choice is Solinco's tour bite and he's looking into trying Yellow Jacket or Poly Plasma Extreme a try...
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    ***Lightweight, portable stringing machines...a compromise? ***

    Hey TD or any experienced strings, How do you start your mains on pro stringer? I've been experimenting with different methods but ultimately settled with the attached video ()