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    Soft on the arm, low powered, good tension maintenance, Multifilament? Also a good value!!

    Mayami Absolute Perfection or Tier 1's Triump is good.
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    Two new experimental Tier One strings

    Got the multi a while back and it is hanging in there very well. So far, I find it a little more durable than Triump, which is already a good choice for a multi, and it has a bit more pop. I hope the trial goes well and they will eventually add it to their lineup in both 15 and 16 gauge.
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    The hot pink under LED lit courts looks really awesome. Looks totally different, much more muted at night under traditional sodium vapor lighting.
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    RF97A: Mains VS Touch, which poly cross?

    Eight hours is pretty good. I doubt you'll make 15. The big question is, does the combo help you play great tennis?
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    Reel Thoughts for Stringers

    That's a lot of string for $200 clams. Looks like you won't have to buy string for ... well, forever. Kudos.
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    Mayami strings

    Maybe unlucky. I don't doubt the Big Spin's sharp edges could damage grommets. I string Big Twist - aka Big Spin mains w/ Magic Twist crosses - for a practice partner every other month in his Pure Aero. His grommets are all good. And, FWIW, I have Big Spin in four of my sticks in four of my...
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    Poor Man's Wilson Champion's Choice Duo

    If you want to stay with natty gut. I'll second this setup as a good 'poor man's' choice. Another option is going with a multi main instead of gut and Ghost Wire crosses. I'd say try out Mayami's Absolute Perfection or get your hands on a test set of the new multi Tier One is demoing (if...
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    RF97A: Mains VS Touch, which poly cross?

    Tier One's Ghost Wire. Super arm friendly, lots of feel for touch shots.
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    Toning down launch angle with strings

    The racquet will be okay. You, the guy swinging it, maybe not :laughing: Seriously, I think it is going to depend on the string and gauges. Could feel better, could feel worse depending on your baseline experience. If you haven't done much in the way of experimenting, it will probably feel weird.
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    Toning down launch angle with strings

    Gotcha. Try the crosses like 3 or 4# tighter and evaluate it from there. Good luck!
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    Toning down launch angle with strings

    I don't think you will notice 3# difference. Six, maybe, but after a couple of dozen strokes, I think you would be fine. The other option and it is a little more work: Have you tried changing your contact point?
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    New racquet has different tension range than my old one

    I would recommend changing the string to one that is a little bit more forgiving poly than Tour XC for the PS97. Otherwise, if you are committed to using XC, start at 55#, play and then evaluate after two hours of play on whether to drop the tension or tighten it up more.
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    Toning down launch angle with strings

    +1 on increasing the tension one the crosses. Go up in 3-pound increments until you hit your idea net clearance.
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    Toning down launch angle with strings

    What are you currently stringing your mains and crosses at?
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    Reel Thoughts for Stringers

    I'd get 17g for myself and 16g for customers, who mostly want durability.